We’re not normally fans of huge flounces, but the print and colors here look so great to us that we barely notice it. I both enjoy it as a dress and would like to acquire several throw pillows of the same fabric. White nail polish will always remind me of 7th grad English class, putting Liquid Paper on my nails and calling it a manicure. After checking this out a few times I came to this conclusion… Not a fan of the oversized flounce all that much…but can deal with it. It looks like one of those women’s magazine features on how to turn your sarong into a cocktail dress when the airline loses your luggage.
Or the bridesmaid dresses that the bride swears can be worn again because the flounce comes off and it’s a sheath.
Well done, head to toe, though I’m not a fan of flounces in general (and those shoes look like they pinch).
The hair and makeup seem a little constricted when compared to the fun flounce on the dress.

She is lovely, but she is one of those ladystars who looks so much better as a brunette, ditto Elizabeth Banks and, most egregiously, Abigail Breslin. They weren’t sure if they wanted a pencil skirt or a New Look silhouette, so they went with both. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed! Wealthy famous actors who are at work doing their jobs, after all should never be other than perfect. Also, it’s really cool how the dress looks like a totally different dress when photographed from another angle (third pic from the bottom)! I’m getting a little SWAN QUEEN vibe from the eye makeup, but overall I am digging it. I hadn’t thought of Rachel when wanting to see it on a ladystar, but the colours look terrific on her. Well what did you do with all your leftover white-out when you stopped typing and started using a computer?

As cute as Rachel looks here, my first thought on the dress was that a bin of scarves got in an arm-wrestling match to see who would be top dog.
Also, I never thought I’d say this, but the mesh in the shoes lightens the whole look a lot! Seems sort over oversized n clunky… not really adding anything to the overall look or drama of this dress…guess it seems too safe for such an in your face silhouette!
Her hair and makeup work for me, mostly, although the lighting in a couple of the shots makes her eye makeup look a little too harsh.

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