Our neighbours were distraught when their car was stolen from outside our local supermarket on Christmas Eve. We climbed into our car and immediately started to pray that God would reveal where our friends’ car was, and that it would be kept intact.
We later learned that at that very time, some other neighbours had been going on an evening stroll, when they decided to turn up a street where they didn’t normally walk. The answer to prayer was another seed sown into their lives to learn that God cared personally for them. As Supernatural Christians, our radars should be alert for whenever a need comes up that we can pray about. If a person has a felt need and it is not appropriate for you to pray for them on the spot, you can let them know when you will be praying. If the prayer is not answered the way you would like it to, give God room to move in other ways—the way He sees fit. When praying in the hearing of non-Christians, it’s important to pray in a straightforward and seeker-friendly manner, avoiding ‘Christianese’—spiritual jargon, or formula-type prayer.
One day, I was shopping in Woolworths when Pam came to me and said, “I have cancer and I am to have an operation in May.” I said, “I am sorry to hear that, can I pray for you?” So there in the crowded supermarket I prayed for her healing and comfort and added that I would pray for her every day, particularly on the 5th May. I was back shopping in Woolworths 17th August and there was Pam, hurrying over to me, saying, “You healed me, you healed me!” Of course, I said that I had nothing to do with the healing but Jesus did. It is important to realise that just because someone sees the power of God in action, it doesn’t mean they are going to soften their heart towards God.
In Jesus’ time, multitudes of people saw and were touched by His miracles, but they didn’t necessarily turn to God. It is vital that we get our motives right so that we do not get discouraged and give up when people continue to resist God, even when there is supernatural evidence of His existence and love. What opportunities can you think of in your everyday life that you can stop and pray when needs arise, great or small? This article is an excerpt from my book, ‘How To Be A Supernatural Christian In Your Everyday World,’ a beginners’ guide to prophetic evangelism. I have also found it helpful to give a brief explanation about what a prophecy is, and to encourage them to consider it and even pray about it! It will convey the message that God is personally interested in them, that He loves them and has a destiny and a purpose for them.
I would love to hear of any experiences or ideas you have, so if the comments facility is not visible at the end of this post, or you are not on the website, click on this link and leave a comment in the boxes below. In the year 2000, The Hunk and I were living in Tauranga, New Zealand and working for a mission agency that was reaching Asia with the Good News about Jesus.
One evening at a church service, the visiting speaker asked us to form groups to pray for nations that were on our heart. I shared the incident with my husband, and we tucked the word away in the back of our minds. Some six months later, we had a social visit from the Australian Board Chairman of our mission organisation.
Many other incidents served to confirm that God was indeed calling us to live and minister in Australia, and the call to ‘come across and help’ became stronger. Sometimes it is easier for us to believe that God is in charge of the big picture of our lives—like our move to Australia—than in our daily life.
However, I have come to realise that God has not only divinely placed me, but that He is also at work in the lives of people around me, positioning them to seek Him.
If God has placed someone around your life who does not know personally Jesus’ love and salvation, you can be assured that God has put them there.
This may be a family member, a workmate, neighbour, fellow-student or even someone you bump into at the supermarket or on the street. Their proximity to you tells you that God is already at work in their lives, drawing them to Himself. When you pray, the Holy Spirit will position you at the right place, at the right time, to be part of someone’s salvation miracle. Sometimes we looks at people around us and all we see is impossibility—but nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). I have learned to pray and ask God to put the people that He wants to touch in my path every day—THEN, to look for what happens next.
You are a vital link in the chain of relationships and events that will lead someone to faith in Jesus. Prophetic prayer occurs when we use revelation received from the Holy Spirit in the process of praying. The New Testament Greek word translated ‘revelation’ means ‘unveiling.’ The Holy Spirit shares knowledge that we could not know by natural means. A revelation from God may come in the form of a prophecy, picture (vision), dream, idea, or scripture. One time, I was praying for a family in our neighbourhood in New Zealand, when I had a vision. Many months later, the man called us to share a secret—he had asked his partner to marry him and wanted The Hunk to perform the ceremony. As you pray for God’s guidance in the process of evangelism, or for someone on your heart that is not a Christian, be open to have the Holy Spirit speak to you. Once God has spoken to us about His plans for a friend or loved one who is unsaved, or for people that we come across, we can use that revelation to make specific, faith-filled requests to God. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Similarly, prophetic revelation can be used to wage spiritual warfare in prayer for the lives of people who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus. We can use the prophecies, scriptures, and other revelations we have received to declare God’s purposes for their lives and to pray against demonic strongholds (2 Cor 10:4-6).
Prayer is where we get to know the Father’s heart and values—this helps us to respond to people the way He would. Prayer helps us to stay filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to witness of His love and power to others. Prophetic prayer is powerful because we are praying according to what is on God’s heart and in His purposes for a situation, ourselves or other people. Just as with all prophecy, it is important that any revelation we receive in prayer be weighed up, to see if it really is from God.
In the next post, I will look at a third key to prophetic evangelism, which is ‘positioning’—being aware that God has strategically placed you alongside people who are on His heart. Are you interested in finding out more about how to pray effectively for your unsaved family and friends?
Prophetic evangelism is sharing the Good News about Jesus with people, using the means of prophetic revelation. I have come to realise that God wants to use our gifts in every arena of life, not just in ministry in the church. The gift of prophecy, when used in the process of evangelism, is a powerful way that we can partner with the Holy Spirit to lead people to faith in Jesus. In John 4, the disciples returned from buying lunch and saw that Jesus had been speaking with a lone Samaritan woman. Another time, Jesus drew one man out of a crowd of disabled and ill people who were gathered at the Bethesda Pool, and healed him. Sometimes I feel guilty or inadequate because I do not have the personal resources or time to meet the needs of every person I come across. But Jesus’ example assures me that success in ministry in general and evangelism in particular, does not come from spreading myself thin, but in focusing on what God is doing at any given time. This week I have asked myself the question, ‘If Jesus did what He saw the Father doing, how did He receive that revelation? I used to imagine that when Jesus had His prayer times, the Father would show Him in open prophetic vision what His plans were, and who Jesus needed to spend time with. In order to be effective in prophetic evangelism, we need to put ourselves in a place where we can see what the Father is doing, and that begins with prayer. As we pray, we can receive prophetic revelation about what God is doing in the lives of people around us.
In the next post, we will look more closely at the part that prayer plays in the process of prophetic evangelism. Sign up to receive Enliven Blog posts via e-mail and get a FREE copy of my NEW e-book 'Set Your Prophetic Gift Free'.
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E’ questo uno dei meccanismi che consentono all’organizzazione militare di mantenere un costante e costruttivo scambio osmotico con la societa civile.
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This helps them realise that we don’t serve a religious or performance-oriented God, but a loving and relevant God that they can connect with right where they’re at.
I said, “Let’s give thanks to the Lord,” so we held hands and gave grateful thanks and praise to a wonderful God for His healing love.
She excitedly said, “I have not seen a doctor for two years, I am so well.” She had three scans in six months that clearly showed growths on her uterus, but the operation showed all clear.
We’ve had friends who saw demonstrations of God’s power and personal care towards them countless times, yet still refused to yield their lives to Jesus. Where were those multitudes on the days before Pentecost when a mere 120 believers gathered together?

You have a prophetic word, picture, scripture or thought that you believe is from God for your non-Christian friend or family member.
So generally, we don’t preface a prophecy with ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ and neither should we when we have a prophetic insight for someone who is not a Christian believer. This is especially true when the person you are bringing a prophetic word to is someone you know personally and not a stranger. When deciding what to share, remember that God’s word to an unbeliever or backslidden Christian will be like a signpost. I had also fallen in love with our adopted city, and planned to live there—God willing—for the rest of my life. There may not be any outwards signs of faith, but you do not need to be discouraged by their apparent lack of interest or hardness.
To be a messenger of His love and goodness, an influence to bring them further along on their journey of faith. Firstly, the prayer of Cornelius moved the hand of the Lord to bring salvation to him and his household (Acts 10:4) and secondly, prayer put the Apostle Peter into a place where he could see, hear and respond to the purposes of God to evangelise the Gentiles, beginning with Cornelius. We then reflect that supernatural insight back to God in requests, intercession and proclamation.
However, there are a myriad of creative ways that the Holy Spirit can speak to us if we are open to hearing His voice. As we learn to walk with God in our daily life, we can be open to revelation that the Holy Spirit shares with us as we go along. One morning I prayed and cried out to God, reminding Him of the vision and promises for this couple. I have a Bible verse that the Lord has spoken to me regarding a family member that I frequently bring back to Him in prayer. As we live out of that fellowship, we grow in sensitivity to what He is doing moment-by-moment, in our daily lives.
He looked at the Samaritan woman and saw a precious soul in need of a Saviour—and a city won to God. Somehow, the level of prophetic revelation that Jesus walked in always seemed unattainable to me. What if the way that the Father guided Jesus is the same way He wants to guide you and me—any Spirit-filled believer—today? I have received scriptures, visions, insights and feelings about what God wants to do in the lives of people around me at different times. Being alert to what happens next after I have prayed—in other words, actually believing God is answering my prayer! Realising that God often works through happenstance—seeming coincidences and interruptions to show me what He is doing. Un cookie e un file di testo di dimensioni ridotte che un sito invia al browser e salva sul computer dell'utente. Il browser puo essere usato per gestire cookie relativi a funzioni base, al miglioramento del sito, alla personalizzazione e alla pubblicita. As soon as we offer to pray, we are giving God an opportunity to reveal His love and power to people in need.
A side benefit of learning to pray without relying on jargon is that we have to think about the principles behind what we’re praying (I confess I often find this difficult!). Then I asked if she would like Jesus in her heart and be born again, so she repeated the prayer after me.
In Matthew 11:20, Jesus denounced the cities in which most of His miracles were performed, because they did not repent. Write a prayer that you could pray if you had opportunity to pray with them—avoid using Christian lingo or Christian prayer practices an unchurched person would not understand. That very day several events took place that showed us—and them—that God was at work in their lives. Being aware that I can be derailed by prejudice, by the hurriedness of my life, by my insecurity.
I cookies vengono utilizzati solo conformemente a quanto indicato in questa sezione, non possono essere utilizzati per eseguire programmi o inviare virus al computer dell'utente. Browser differenti utilizzano modi differenti per disabilitare i cookie, ma si trovano solitamente sotto il menu Strumenti o Opzioni. If they have a time they particularly need prayer, such as a medical appointment, it is important to remember to pray. The miracle of healing or breakthrough may not happen then or there, but the recipients of your prayer witness other miracles: divine peace, God-sized coincidences and provisions are all ways that God answers prayer.
In other words, it will reflect God’s desire to save them, turn the direction of their lives around, and transform their mess into a testimony of God’s goodness. The timing of that visit set in motion a chain of events that would bring my friend closer to faith in Jesus. I cookies vengono assegnati all'utente in maniera univoca e possono essere letti solo dal server web deldominio che li ha inviati.
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