Welcome to the Ashe Family Site This site provides both a database on currently researched members of the Ashe Family and related individuals, and information on a number of individuals. 19 November 2015: With grateful thanks for their contributions to Susie Warren and Olivia Ashmore, I have now prepared a Research Paper on "The Ashes of Narraghmore, County Kildare". 4 October 2015: With apologies for the long silence on Latest News, I have now done a major update to the Family Tree. 28 October 2014: With thanks to my wonderful cousin, Peter Johnston for his contribution of Family Memories, I have now made a "People" page for his mother, Monica Johnston (nee Allner).
19 October 2014: Many congratulations to Peter Ashe and Palna Patel on their marriage in London. 20 May 2014: With thanks to David Ashe (Puerto Rico) for the suggestion, I have now made a "People" page for Commander Edward David Ashe, who was the first Director of the Quebec Observatory in Canada, and the great great grandfather of David.

17 May 2014: Although laid low with Dengue Fever, I have, with the help of Frank Bunting, been able to research the Ash branch of the family that emigrated from Londonderry to Philadelphia in 1750.
19 January 2014: Although I am still on the trail of the ancestors of Theophilus Fielding Ashe, in order to link him into the main Ashe Family Tree, I have been able to update the webpage on him with a little more information. 9 November 2013: Through the kindness of Dr David Morris, Head of Archaeology at the McGregor Museum in Kimberley, and courtesy of the Kimberley Africana Library, I have been able to update the research paper on Dr. 9 November 2013: With grateful thanks to John, who took the photos, we can now make available a Pedigree, issued by Sir William Betham, Ulster King of Arms, in 1846 to the Rev. I have not yet been able to fit them into the main Ashe Tree, so any comments and help on this would be welcome. The delay has been due to my 5 year old computer dying, installation of new software, and incorporating multiple updates from ongoing research and contributions from cousins and other contributors (many thanks for all your inputs!).

Alexander MacLachlan, who married my grandmother's sister, published in 1938, for private distribution, "A Potpourri of Sidelights and Shadows from Turkey". This paper now provides a faitly comprehensive view of his life, but I'm still missing the link to the main tree, so would love to hear from anyone who has more information. The original is bound in wooden covers with hinges, and is beginning to fade, but I have managed to scan it and make it available for others to enjoy -- it's a fascinating account of his time in Turkey and well worth reading.

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