1 Thes 5:14 admonish the unruly children, encourage the fainthearted children, help the weak children, be patient with all children. The experienced parent is one who has learned to sleep when the baby isn't looking and there are only two animals in all of creation that sleep standing up, horses and parents of newborns. Deut 21:18-21 If any man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his father or his mother, and when they chastise him, he will not even listen to them, then his father and mother shall seize him, and bring him out to the elders of his city at the gateway of his home town.
Prov 30:11,17 There is a kind of child who curses his father, and does not bless his mother.
Discipline doesn't break a child's spirit half as often as the lack of it breaks a parents heart. Prov 13:1 A wise son accepts his father's discipline, but scoffer doesn't listen to rebuke. Prov 19:13 A foolish son is destruction to his father, and the contentions of a wife are a constant dripping. The behavior of some children suggests that their parents embarked on the sea of matrimony without a paddle. Prov 23:13-14 Do not hold back discipline from the child, although you beat him with the rod, he will not die.
Prov 13:24 He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him diligently. Prov 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child who gets his own way brings shame to his mother. Heb 10:27 but a certain terrifying expectation of judgment, and the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries. A modern worldly home is where a switch controls everything except the kids and where the TV set is better adjusted than the kids. The most important thing a father can do for his children to love, honor, respect and be a best friend to their mother. Prov 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
The morals and conduct of young people are so bad because parents are raising their children by remote control.

Slogan invented by neglectful, materialistically minded parents to salve their own consciences.
The law of heredity is that all undesirable traits come from the other parent but having teenagers is often what undermines a parents belief in heredity altogether. If the children of the 90's get any worse, parents will have to post a 5000 bond every time a child is born.
Parents should stop going out to sow their wild oats and stay home to start cultivating their children.
Prov 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Parents who abdicate raising their children to the state through daycare and the school system: Teaching children to count is not as important as teaching children what counts. Self-centered Parents who spend their tiny spare time on recreation: Some fathers worry more about their golf swing than they do their offspring.
Parents who will sacrifice knowing their families for that second car or that bigger house: Once Satan first makes friends with the parents through materialism it is easy to get all their children. Parents who have never really taken parenting seriously: One important way for us to help our children grow up is for us to grow up first. World always consider themselves successful as parents as long as their children don't end up in jail: For a Christian the standard of success is much much higher.
The Quiz Book for CouplesThink you know everything there is to know about your significant other? It is filled with questions designed to bring couples closer together - it ranges from easier questions like their favorite food to more serious topics that require a bit of reflection. There are 145 questions - just imagine how well you'll know each other after you answer them all!
This is a wonderfully fun way for new couples to start off their relationship in a positive way - for newly married couples to get their marriage off to a great start - or for couples who have been in love for awhile and just want to find new ways to express their love. They love spending their days writing Soulful Journals - gentle, fun reminders to go within and learn about ourselves. Although no scientific studies have found a link between childhood vaccines and autism, 20% of the U.S.

The eye that mocks a father, and scorns a mother, the ravens of the valley will pick it out, and the young eagles will eat it.
And these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. President John Quincy Adams was a diplomat to Great Britain, as had been his father and grandfather. Put your knowledge to the test with this fun book of questions for every aspect of your relationship. Most people are interested in knowing a little more about various subjects, from the height of a statue to the most amount of characters allowed in a person's name!
I always wanted my children to have it better than I did, so in addition to my regular job, I worked two part-time jobs-almost doubling my income. If you want to expand your knowledge, there will be a new Figure Facts quiz put on the site regularly, so grab a coffee, put your feet up and see how much you know! I managed to provide my wife and two sons with many luxuries, but I realized after reading Jeff's letter that I was depriving them of something far more important-myself. Love Puzzles – Dirty, Yet NOT Dirty Unlike a regular quiz book, each Love Quiz in this magic book has four fun sections: Section 1. For example, one correct answer can earn one score and an incorrect answer loses one score.
Love Coupon to Wife: Give a love coupon to your wife as a reward, like when she helps you to answer the question, when she reveals a dirty secret, or when she reminds you of a romantic moment.
Love Coupon to Hubby: Give a love coupon to your hubby as a reward, like when he helps you to answer the question, when he reveals a dirty secret, or when he reminds you of a romantic moment.
This is a fun way to discover more about how the bride-to-be feels about marriage and your wedding.Is her favorite clothes shopping in:____ Bargain stores?____ Department stores?____ Small, personal shops?____ Thrift shops or charity shops? This is a fun way to discover more about how the groom feels about marriage and your wedding.He's invited to a dinner party and offered a chance to choose his table partner, knowing nothing but the occupation of each guest.

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