Now, instead of going crazy trying to figure it out all you have to do is take this simple quiz.
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And while we're not advocating that you use an online quiz to make a major life decision, we do think it's a fun and easy way to discover options you may not have considered before. Can you fill out our marriage certificate accurately with the information as filed with the courts? The question is more complicated than you think -- especially when considering all the possibilities: keeping your maiden name, taking your spouse's last name, using your maiden name as a middle name, taking two last names, hyphenating the two names to create a joint surname and others. The site asks users eight questions to help narrow down their many surname choices, taking into account career, personal preferences and states' name-change laws, among other factors.

Note that the quiz was designed with women in mind, but more men -- including celebrities -- are changing their names these days as well.

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