RCCG City of David: Today’s Prayer Points: Month Of Grace To HELP – I AM EMPOWERED TO BE A HIGH FLYER!
RCCG City of David: Today’s Prayer Points: Month Of Grace To HELP – JEHOVAH EZER, ARISE FOR MY LIFTING! When my wife, Doris, was a young girl, she would pray asking the Lord to give her a husband that loved her, to have a child, and that we would worship the Lord together. The investment we make in the lives of our spouses produces health and happiness for our families and society. I’m a member of this commission and worship at Goshen but now in Nigerian Lawschool Lagos Campus for my Bar Part II.
We were both in our 30’s in 1988 when we got married in the Lutheran Church she had attended all of her life.

During the month of Aug I came well prepared I even came with an engagement ring a a point of contact.
During last year prayer and fasting and in one of the Sunday services at Goshen, Bishop Abioye declared that it was our covenant miracle marriage service and said that all eligible singles should come at the altar area and dance and praise GOD as if we were dancing in our traditional marriage. We moved into our home across the road from her mom and a little over a year later our son was born and we were attending the Lutheran Church she grew up in. Thank you so much for being our celebrant; your support and guidance was out of this world and we hope you enjoyed the ceremony as much as we did. We couldn't have hoped for a better wedding and acknowledge that it was with the help of all involved that our day was so perfect.
On 3rd June, 2012 while away with my boss in South Africa for a vacation, GOD miraculously connected me with my covenant virtuous wife, who at that time was in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and today to the glory of GOD, we’re happily married.

She thought it would be hard because she had attended there over forty some years, and most of her natural family went there, along with our neighbors, but God has made it easy. One year later, after coming to her first meeting in June, on June 19, 2001, she received the Holy Ghost.
I was happy and excited about what the Lord was showing me through Pastor John’s teaching, and she was miserable.

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