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So in this article I want to explore one of the bigger questions a man seeking an Asian wife needs to ask – young or old?
There’s no shortage of Asian women seeking husbands from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and other countries. A consequence of this is that whatever your age, if you want to chat to younger girls then you’ll have no shortage of girls wanting to chat to you. Asian ladies tend to age very well, particularly the older Asian women from China and neighboring Vietnam. I’ve dated Asian ladies with a range of ages, from 14 years my junior to women who were older than me.
In fact Cupid Media reckon that there are at least 20 women for every male member of the Filipino Cupid online dating website!
So is it worthwhile chatting to the younger girls, or are you better off with the Asian mature women instead? The older ladies on Asian dating sites are often separated or divorced, and frequently have children from a previous relationship.

This results in them having a lot of energy, and it can be hard to keep up with their demands.
Why run the risk of marrying a 23 year old girl who might run off and marry somebody else just as soon as you’ve paid for her to come and live in the USA or elsewhere? Pay for a subscription of an oriental dating site and you’ll often be swamped with admirers! While there’s nothing wrong with these ladies, it can be harder to have a relationship with a woman who has a lot of family commitments.
If you’re a more laid back guy then you might be better off with an older lady who can live life at your own pace.
Of course they’ll also love it if you take them to KFC, Pizza Hut or of course McDonalds. The youngest lady I dated was a couple of years too young, and the older lady was, well, too old for me.
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