General Louis Botha was a general in the Second Boer War and the first prime minister of South Africa. A modern woman can really relate to her life outside of social norms.She is not beautiful by the standards of society. She is full of the kind of female power that terrifies most people.Kali is a goddess of death, of time, of change.

She is often shown with blood dripping from her mouth and the severed heads of men decorating her neck.It is sometimes said that she is dark because she has existed since before light was created.
Fascinating!Kali is not a goddess that I know very much about, but she is someone I would like to become closer to.
As a woman in a largely patriarchal world, I have only just begun to explore the female power within me.

Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.Subscribe by email to The White Hindu Follow The White Hindu!Popular at Patheos Hindu 100 Great Bhagavad Gita Quotes From Krishna Why Do Hindus Pierce Their Nose?

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