This website is operated by Nep Thach with an enthusiastic personality towards the great outdoors. Keep your brain active by learning new skills like salsa dancing, new language and taking a few new sporting hobbies. Stay strong by doing regular exercise like walking your dog, walk along the beach, light jogging or hardcore adrenaline sports like snowboarding to help TRAIN and keep your heart strong. By keeping your body fit, and eating healthy will benefit our mind and heart as everything is designed to work together.
My girlfriend Nes has been running a successful Meetup group, women’s walk and talk in Melbourne, which really promote all different sorts of life who come together to socialise, make new friends, keep active and healthy at the same time.
This group is for women of all ages with the aim of promoting well being through physical activity and conversations at different locations around Melbourne and the suburbs. Aimed at people wanting to walk as a group in a casual and friendly manner, see the lovely parks and scenery Melbourne has to offer and meet new friends along the way. If you are feeling a bit down and blue, even stressed and anxiety, the best medicine is not taking depression pills that the doctor describe.

Start of with something you enjoy doing that can be recreational walking, jogging, cycling or swimming – because by doing something you enjoy and love, you brain will release a happy chemical that will make you feel good and happy.
We all know this is true, because research has found that in combination with eating clean and regular exercise will enhanced your life and live happier.
It’s simple, just search the groups or create a group of your interests and start connecting with friends online. Connect as fitness partner and talk with one another for free or join group discussions and plan for a group activity.
By enjoying the amazing activities, views and experiences Melbourne has to offer has always been a pride and joy to live and look forward to every day since being here four years ago from New Zealand. I started my ventures as a kayaker and from there I pretty much gave anything a go from skydiving,  snowboarding,  flowriding and white-water rafting. Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44 – Let’s Help Keep It Down Together!
To have a strong mind and heart you need a healthy body to achieve this – keep active!

Doctors don’t even know that the best organic and natural way to beat depression itself is just a little thing call exercise and eating healthier option. Plenty of adventures to tackle and this website is a start of a vision as a adventure touring guide. Read about me here on my journey to beat depression and come out fitter, stronger and healthier then I have ever been. If this is the case then make sure to uncheck “Use connection string of the host application” box and configure your database connection. The code generator will also copy this resource into the installation folder of the previously specified DotNetNuke instance.
Uncheck “Inherit View permissions from Page”, and allow registered users to view the module.

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