Film jest opowiescia o zalodze Mary Ann, bombowca B-17 zwanego Latajaca Forteca (Flying Fortress).
Film jest z 1943 roku z poczatkowego okresu w ktorym USA walczylo z Japonia na zachodnim Pacyfiku. The following excerpt is Chapter One of the book Spun: 101 Movies to Recreate Your Reality.
If you take a closer look at the movies, you will notice there is more to reel life than meets the eye.
What drives the story forward is the unfolding narrative of the hero’s pursuit of his or her goal.
What should be appreciated is that when a screenwriter sits down to write a screenplay, he is, in fact, attempting to play God. Even though these characters may appear real, they could not have existed without first being conceived in the mind of a creator. To be sure, a screenwriter may feel inspired to write a screenplay based on a germ of an idea that becomes planted in the mind. Once the hero becomes a living, breathing, and thinking entity, the character seemingly wrests control of the reins of the story. The formula used in the Hero’s Journey is further explored and adapted for the traditional three-act structure of movies in the book, The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, 3rd Edition by Christopher Vogler. Ordinary World – At the beginning of the story, the hero is living an ordinary life and is not expecting a sudden change in circumstances.
Call to Adventure – An inciting incident occurs that signals an imminent change in the hero’s everyday existence.
Refusal of the Call – The hero may be reluctant to leave his comfortable world and face the dangers ahead. Meeting with the Mentor – The hero receives special training and guidance or other magical gifts from a Mentor to help him on his quest. Crossing the First Threshold – The hero crosses the first threshold into the Special World and begins his adventure.
Approach to the Inmost Cave – He enters the cave where the treasure is hidden, or must descend into the bowels of hell to rescue a victim. The Ordeal – It is a life-and-death struggle for the hero as he is pitted against a deadly foe.
The Reward – The hero slays the dragon and takes possession of the treasure or defeats the villain and obtains the elixir that he seeks.
The Road Back – The hero is chased by evil forces seeking to reclaim the elixir and prevent it from reaching the Ordinary World. The Resurrection – His enemies seize the elixir and the hero must engage in a final battle to recover it, drawing upon all that he has learned.
Return with the Elixir – The hero returns home with the elixir that has the power to heal the wounded land. Whether you believe in this creation story or not, we recognize there are four dimensions to our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One reason why we are so captivated by the movies is watching how the hero changes over a specific period of time. Even though the hero springs forth from the imagination of the writer, she is most likely born with a backstory.
Initially, the hero may be experiencing a certain lack in his life that requires him to take action. It is like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz discovering that “there’s no place like home,” after being tossed into a strange and fantastic land, or Oliver Twist discovering that he is not an orphan but from a noble family, after being cast into a cold and hostile world.
Whether by chance, choice, or necessity, the hero finds himself wrestling with the same existential questions that we so often ask ourselves: Where did we come from? When the hero sets out on an outer journey in pursuit of his goal, he must necessarily embark on an inner journey. At some point, the moment arrives when the hero must confront his fears and slay the dragon barring him entry to the cave where the treasure is hidden. One of the basic tenets of the Law of Attraction is that “thoughts become things” or “like attracts like.” It suggests that any dominant image held in the mind for an extended period of time will materialize in the physical world. In the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, she writes: “Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life.
Therefore, the hero transcends her circumstances by recognizing that whatever she seeks is also seeking her. A great benefit of the reel world is that it opens a window onto the larger world for the audience to peer through.
An important principle of the Law of Attraction is that to manifest a desire, one must feel the emotions of having it, right now. One advantage of the reel world is that it allows us to experience emotions we may not ordinarily feel in our daily lives. Where else can you go to experience the pure joy of living in a loving, close-knit family as in Meet Me in St. You do not have to live two hundred years ago to realize that daily life today is far less difficult than it was for the richest person living in America during that period. Moreover, we can drive to the supermarket, which may be just a few blocks from our homes, to purchase food that we did not grow or hunt for ourselves.
Initially, it is a burning desire for a particular goal, or an inciting incident that will force the hero out of his comfort zone. At first, the hero may refuse the Call to Adventure, which usually triggers an unpleasant event that forces him to reconsider.
After Crossing the First Threshold into the Special World, the hero attracts Allies that are willing to help him on his quest. At some point, the hero will begin his Approach to the Inmost Cave to fight the dragon guarding the treasure that he seeks, or descend deep underground into the “belly of the beast” to rescue a victim. The lessons of the Hero’s Journey are intended to expand not only the consciousness of the hero, but the minds of the audience.
Thus, the hero comes full circle and returns home with the Elixir to heal the wounded land and share his newfound knowledge with the community. Ktorego proby ucieczki, jak wiemy ostatecznie zakonczone uwolnieniem sie, przeszly do historii. 21) Idea i sama nazwa serialu nawiazuja do popularnej rosyjskiej bajki ludowej opowiadajacej o wspolnym bytowaniu zagubionej w lesie dziewczynki imieniem Masza (zdrobnienie imienia Marija) i niedzwiedzia w jego lesnym domku. Podczas rutynowego lotu treningowego z Kalifornii na Hawaje, odbywajacego sie 7 grudnia 1941 zaloga samolotu dowiaduje sie o ataku Japonczykow na Pearl Harbor i tu zaczyna sie ich wojenna historia.
How are the main characters able to move from rags to riches, pain to pleasure, or defeat to victory? In fact, it almost mirrors real life in that the plot is based upon the law of cause and effect, which means that the hero first desires something and then must take action to obtain it. He has a specific story to share with the world and only a special kind of hero can bring it forth.

They have no reality or personality independent of the screenwriter, who breathes vitality and life into their being. Out of that seed will sprout a particular theme, story world and cast of characters that fulfill the needs of this blossoming concept. The hero behaves as though the world she occupies is totally real and it’s all the screenwriter can do to keep her confined within the parameters of the story.
In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell), he describes a commonality of hidden patterns found in myths and stories around the world. It offers a practical guide for writers by applying the principles of the monomyth espoused by Campbell to screenwriting and modern storytelling.
The Western story of creation in the Bible speaks of a time when humans lived in an eternal paradise. It tells how humans first lived in a utopian world, but were cast out for breaking one of the rules and are now living in exile in this natural world.
The same evolutionary impulse that resides within humans and pushes us to become better versions of ourselves is what impels the hero to act. He may possess a character flaw or weakness that is keeping him from experiencing the good life. Similarly, it is like Harry Potter, learning that he is not a human Muggle, but a young wizard chosen to destroy the Dark Lord Voldemort who killed his family, or Neo learning that he is the Chosen One in The Matrix, who will fulfill a prophecy by ending the war between humans and the machines that are enslaving them. The outer journey takes place within a physical world that is visible to both the hero and audience. By boldly facing the series of tests along the way, he develops the physical and mental capacity to face any final opposition. In short, the unconscious mind translates knowledge about its true nature into a symbolic language that is communicated to the imagination of a storyteller, who is able to bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind. It also heightens our awareness of other people’s lives, which arouses a range of sensations. At home, we enjoy many luxuries, including, electricity, indoor plumbing, telephone, television, modern appliances, just to name a few. What he is really seeking is not so much the thing itself, but what his desire represents: happiness, security, respect, freedom, justice, love, validation, or fulfillment.
As he faces his supreme Ordeal, he will suffer an apparent defeat, when he believes all is lost.
His enemies will follow in hot pursuit seeking to retrieve the precious item in his possession.
During the climax, or highest point of the movie, the audience experiences a catharsis, or cleansing of the emotions. Sa swieta - wymarzony czas na to, by odnowic dawne romanse i na nowo rozpalic dawno wygasle konflikty.
Serial natomiast opowiada o czasach aktualnych i losach malej dziewczynki Maszy oraz dawnego zasluzonego niedzwiedzia cyrkowego, Niedzwiedzia, ktorzy wspolnie przezywaja niesamowite przygody.
Zaloga bombowca Mary Ann bierze udzial w szeregu akcji w tym w nalotach na Wake Island i na Filipiny oraz w bitwie na Morzu Koralowym. They believe any kind of magic only happens in reel life, where a fairy godmother waves her wand and the hero instantly gets whatever she desires. They orient us as to what is valuable and essential in real life: family, faith, freedom, love, honor, courage, goodness and justice. The ensuing story reveals the goal she is motivated to pursue, the actions she takes to achieve it, the price she pays for it, and how she is transformed by the experience.
We align with the hero and become willing participants in the drama onscreen as we recognize different aspects of ourselves. The characters take on a life of their own, and the writer becomes a vessel out of which the lifeblood of the story pours forth. In fact, they represent the very life force of the screenwriter, who ultimately is able to find meaning and creative self-expression through them. Whatever is the central conflict in the story, the perfect hero soon emerges to find a resolution for it. Of course, the perfect balance is struck when the actions of the hero arise organically out of the story, and is not subject to the writer’s agenda.
In fact, our loneliness and nostalgia stem from a deep yearning to return home to our Spiritual Father. They also explore the polarities that we encounter in life and the degree to which they affect our reality. This impulse is triggered when an antagonist is introduced, who actively competes for the same goal as the hero.
Her temperament and ability to solve problems will largely be determined by her upbringing, socio-economic status, natural abilities, and belief system.
Since the hero was created to resolve a specific conflict, he can rest assured that concealed within the problem is the solution that will lead to his ultimate reward.
In short, you can manifest whatever you desire, once the intent is crystal clear and backed by intense emotions. The characters, settings, actions, and themes found in stories become the symbols and metaphors that relay the essence of these transmissions.
Since you need to feel the very emotions that correspond with the outcome of your desires, the movies become a veritable wellspring waiting to be tapped. What about returning to the 1920s for a rendezvous with your favorite writers, artists and musicians from that era, as in Midnight in Paris, or attending a decadent party thrown by The Great Gatsby? Additionally, we have the Internet and cell phones, which provide us with easy access to the vast storehouse of human knowledge, and the ability to communicate with anyone around the world, instantly.
The hero transcends his circumstances by daring to turn his vision of the good life into a reality. He may wish to prevent a bad event from taking place, or need to escape from some shady characters in pursuit of him.
As he travels the Special World, he faces a series of Tests and confronts Enemies that prove his worthiness and commitment to his goal. But, if he remains steadfast and uses his willpower to spin a different story to himself, even at the moment of what appears to be his certain doom, he will be victorious. Their meeting becomes a life-and-death struggle where the hero willingly sacrifices his life.
It is a Greek word meaning “purification” or “cleansing.” This term was used in the Poetics by Aristotle to describe the emotional impact of tragedy on an audience. Jednak zeby z nim byc, musi zrezygnowac ze swojego dotychczasowego zycia i stac sie czlowiekiem. Samolot, ktorym rozbil sie na polu na poczatku filmu Franz von Werra jest znanym niemieckim, mysliwcem z II Wojny Swiatowej: Messerchmitt Bf-109. Po podaniu serum mowi lekarzowi historie o tym, jak on i trzej inni piloci przezyli katastrofe bombowca i doplyneli do wyspy, ktora zostala zamieszkana przez plemie pieknych prymitywnych jaskiniowych kobiet, dinozaurow i grupy dzikich plemion, ktore porywaja kobiety do celow hodowlanych. If you pay close attention, you will notice that the heroes follow a specific formula to achieve their goals.

We are a Jedi knight in Star Wars, battling the dark forces of the universe, or a queen in Elizabeth, fighting to save the realm. He decides what story will be told and the moral vision that will serve as its guiding principle. She then serves as a mythical water bearer, drawing knowledge from an infinite well, in an attempt to quench her audience’s neverending thirst for entertainment and enlightenment. He is the one who can be counted on to act nobly and courageously in the face of incredible odds. Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by a serpent, they lost their innocence and were cast out of the Garden of Eden.
Therefore, one of the functions of religion is to guide us towards higher states of consciousness so that we can experience the state of bliss of our original nature. Hence, the hero’s function is not only to confront this apparent duality in the world and return balance to life, but, metaphorically, must rescue and redeem a lost humanity trapped in the web of space and time, with little memory of its true nature.
This is the frame of reference that will inform any decisions and actions that she takes over the course of the movie. It is only by losing himself in the drama, and playing his role authentically that he will achieve his goal and discover surprising truths about life. More often than not, the hero forgets his purpose for being, once he enters the arena of battle.
The outer world is where he will be challenged and forced to fight his battles, while the inner world is where he will confront and, hopefully, overcome his demons.
He experiences a moment of self-revelation and fulfills the destiny that was designated at the moment of conception.
This is possible because science tells us that everything is vibrating beneath the surface. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.” Thus, the events and experiences we encounter in life are shaped by our thoughts, feelings and desires, which are primarily influenced by our belief system. It is this secret knowledge that enables her to unleash the dormant forces within her being and boldly confront any fate that might befall her. How about playing God and having the power to answer prayers from billions of people as in Bruce Almighty, or feeling the thrill of victory, after beating incredible odds and winning a football game as in Remember the Titans? A catharsis provides the audience with a moment of release from their pent-up stress and anxiety through an act of purgation or purification of the emotions.
Pomaga jej w tym wiedzma morz Mydra (Meret Becker), ktora w zamian za pomoc zada wysokiej ceny. Z kolei, gdy Franz probowal uciekac z Brytyjskiego lotniska nieco pozniej to probowal to dokonac w samolocie brytyjskiej produkcji: Hawker Hurircane . Once you gain an understanding of the reel world, it will help you better navigate the real world. One moment, we are Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, and the next, Erin Brokovich, fighting to bring corporate polluters to justice. This is why the hero, Jake Sully, is more suited to his role in Avatar, than he would be in Blood Diamond, and why Vivian Ward, is better in her role as Pretty Woman, than she would be in Working Girl. This single act resulted in their descendants being brought into the polarities of life, namely, good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness, joy and sorrow, heaven and hell.
You just have to tune into the right frequency and become a vibrational match for your desires. Since our reality is based on how we perceive the world, we can deliberately reprogram our minds to create the kind of life we truly desire. Great stories offer powerful insights that act as crumbs leading down the path to enlightenment and ultimate fulfillment.
He understands that it will not be handed to him on a silver platter and neither should he want it any other way.
He meets a Mentor, who imparts special words of wisdom that will be needed at a critical moment on his journey. Thus, his major battle is not solely with his antagonist, who will stop at nothing to prevent him from achieving his goal. Wkrotce macocha (Delta Burke) wysyla pasierbow do lasu, liczac na to, ze nigdy nie uda im sie wrocic do domu. Jeden z najlepszych, zrealizowanych podczas wojny, filmow opowiadajacych o zmaganiach na Pacyfiku.
This emotional connection that we feel with the hero is the reason why we have a hard time separating reel from real. It is why Campbell says to “follow your bliss.” It is the starting point for the Hero’s Journey. Finally, it strips away the mask from the hero and forces him to confront his true identity. Like us, he experiences loss, despair, grief, shame, guilt, fear, failure, loneliness and death. It’s like having our own genie in a bottle, with him magically appearing before us to say, “Your wish is my command!” as depicted in the movie, Aladdin.
Whatever his objective, the hero must be fully committed to his goal, if he intends to succeed on his journey. Rather, the contest will take place within himself, as he struggles to overcome his fears and flaws that will surface to prevent him from achieving his goal.
He incorporates all the wisdom that he has gained on his journey and finally defeats his opponent.
Adaptacja zlozonej z notatek frontowych ksiazki Richarda Tregaskisa, korespondenta wojennego, ktory w utworze Seilera wystepuje-bezimiennie jako narrator. But, like Cinderella at the ball, once the movie ends and the credits begin rolling, we return to our mundane lives and forget the golden nuggets of wisdom hidden in plain sight. He comes face to face with the limitations of earthly life and realizes how precious life is, but, yet, how transient. Most important, it gives us a glimpse into the minds of our fellow human beings to see how they are making sense of the world. Apart from the wisdom he is sure to gain, he will experience such intense emotions and feel the rapture of being fully alive that his life will be transformed forever. Odkrywaja jednak, ze grozny las pelen jest tajemniczych, czarodziejskich postaci, ktore przychodza im z pomoca.
Ultimately, the hero is the one who scales the wall between the conscious and unconscious mind and steals fire from the gods. He receives words of encouragement that motivate him to persevere and not give up too easily.

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