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In Dallas late Sunday evening, all 43 people who had contact with the first US Ebola patient, Thomas E. Many are contact tracers a€” trained public health workers who use a special set of skills toA track down everyone who had contact with an Ebola patient. Business Insider spoke with a contract tracerA  who works on the front lines of the epidemic in West Africa,A where Ebola has killed more than 4,000 people. The most important aspect ofA contact tracing is clear communication, says Raczniak.A If people wona€™t tell others whether or not they recently touched or spoke to someone with Ebola, healthcare workers cana€™t trace where the virus has spread.
Yet when Raczniak's predecessors A first arrived in Sierra Leone, no one there wanted to talk.
People in the communities ravaged by the virus must be able to trust one another, and Raczniak works hard to ensure his work contributes to that mission. When he trains people to reach out to their community, Raczniak must also advise them on proper procedures to make sure hea€™s not putting them at risk of infection. After local teams fan throughout the community for 21 days (the total length of time the virus could incubate in an infected person), they report everything they find to a supervisor who oversees contacts for the whole district. He has a PhD in molecular biochemistry, meaning his knowledge of the virus isna€™t just limited to a public health perspective.

And thata€™s why he feels prepared going to Liberia this week to help treat the people who are suffering from Ebola.
Una de las primeras expresiones que se deben aprender cuando nos enfrentamos a un nuevo idioma son los saludos y presentaciones, asi como despedidas. En este articulo te mostraremos los saludos en ingles mas comunes, tanto forales como informales. A continuacion te mostramos un listado de frases con los saludos en ingles y despedidas para saber como saludar y despedirse apropiadamente en diferentes situaciones.
Repasa las formas de saludos en ingles, asegurate de memorizarlas y practicarlas para que puedas empezar una conversacion fluidamente con tus amigos u otros aprendices. Los saludos informales en ingles, se usan en un contexto de amigos o bien laboral, debes ser muy cuidadoso para no usar estas palabras con los mayores o las personas que tienen alguna posicion superior laboral o escolarmente a la tuya. Para ver en contexto el uso de los saludos en ingles y las despedidas, observa el siguiente video. The responsibility of these part-investigator, part-scientists is immense: They must contain the virus before it spreads.
A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Epidemic Intelligence Officer Greg Raczniak A returned this week to the US from Sierra Leone, where he spent a month finding out where the virus was doing the most damage and why. They quickly realized the reason: The workers were outsiders, complete strangers who didna€™t even speak the local language.

They met with locals, who they trained to reach out to potential contacts and report back to the CDC. Having lived in West Africa years ago, Raczniak was able to notice how the epidemic had changed the ways people interacted and communicated. Hea€™s studied similar viruses up close in a lab, and he knows precisely how they invade the body and takes over the immune system. Some of the sick are healthcare workers a€” people A the country desperately needs to continue fighting the virus. A  "Ita€™s much more accepted [for locals] to be talking to one of [their] community members than to an outsider,a€? A  Raczniak says. The process repeats itself until an entire country can be deemed Ebola-free, as happened recently in Nigeria.

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