APVials of the injectable steroid product made by New England Compounding Center implicated in a fungal meningitis outbreak.All across the country, doctors, pharmacists and hospital administrators are taking a long, hard look at where they buy drugs.
Share31.9K Tweet637 +1116 Pin204On December 20, 2012, a vaccination tragedy hit the small village of Gouro, located in northern Chad, Africa. Since this report, the true extent of this tragedy is coming to light, as parents of these vaccinated children have reported yet more injuries. The data on the MenAfriVac vaccine is further backed by the World Health Organization’s website [3] and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website. So, why does this information differ vastly from the information given on the manufacturer’s website? He shared that on December 26, 2012,  the Minister of Health and the Minister of Social Security visited Gouro, bringing with them two Members of Parliament. He added that the government responded to the tragedy by paying the parents money in a desperate bid to silence them, further stating that many of the parents are traumatized and confused. As reported in La Voix, according to a member of the medical staff, as well as a comment from Dr.
President Idriss Deby Itno announced at the beginning of the campaign that the vaccine was safe, secure, and would protect citizens against meningitis for ten years. Why are vaccines being pushed so strongly in a country which lacks clean drinking water and basic sanitation services? How can at least 40 children become paralyzed after receiving a vaccine, and no news organizations provide coverage of this disturbing situation?
Where are statements from the involved organizations – WHO, GAVI, PATH, UNICEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?  Why has this vaccination program not been suspended? People need to be very skeptical when they are told that they or their children must get vaccinated.
The few who understand the swindle are known as cooks, quacks, cracked, or just plain weird!!! If we lived in a world of ultimate cleanliness, nutrition, fidelity, hard work, understanding death in a fallen world, forgiveness of our transgressions when begged, then we would have less disease, less population, less fear, less global crises, less medication, and less govt.
I think Missosorich means its just best to know the risks of any and all vaccines before injection.
Here is the key statement made, asking of course the right and one of the most important questions. The real history of vaccination amazingly has been altered from its factual and true historical account since day one.
If they could have covered this up ,would they then have tried to sell it to europe and other countries, It,s all done for profit , stuff to the people FDA motto , politicians take note bring them to book , that,s if you are also not in Big pharmas pay, and the way the CORRUPT FDA operate by trying to  ban natural products that have NO side effects, makes me wonder. The FDA and others think they can operate with impunity, well with sites like VAC TRUTH and people like Christina England they never will ,because PEOPLE POWER WILL bring them to book.
Mega doses of intravenously administered vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) will help to limit or completely undo the damage. As for healing these poor children: in a polio myelitis epidemic of 60 children in North Carolina Frederic Klenner proved in 1948 that massive doses of vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) could heal even the ones who had been so paralyzed that they already were on life support.
MERCURY IN VACCINATES, FLUORIDE IN TOOTHPASTE AND THE WATER, CHEMTRAILS , GMO FOOD, CONSTANT STREES , MERCURY LIGHT BULBS. I’ve just worked my way through all of the references above cited at the end of the article. Its the same in the Uk, the masses are blind and this is why vaccines continue on as people are stupidly ignorant and follow like sheep and easily manipulated. Its very sad but that is how it is. An irish visionary recently had jesus appear to her warning of a global plan to poison people especially children through vaccinations. VACCINATIONS A DEADLY WEAPON OF MASS COVERT DESTRUCTION, BRINGING DAMAGE TO US ALL, THE BULLET COMES FROM THE VERY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS INVOLVED IN THE PSEUDO MEDICAL SCIENCE AS ORCHESTRATED BY HIDDEN DARK FORCES OF EVIL PLAYING GOD…GENOCIDE WITH TEARS SEEMS TO COME TO US ALL.

I actually read through all the references that were sourced, and NOTHING states what this article suggests. It’s unfortunate that every other website just regurgitates the same misinformation that this site put out. Nice making up a story to get traffic to your website – next time just title it as FICTION?
The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water.
Put yourself in the shoes of the people who run this website; they have to make money somehow to keep the website running; how do you think they do that? Computers and Internet connections are extremely expensive and they cannot afford to put this online.
I now have more facts on this tragic situation which I will present them in full to readers of the VacTruth site within the next few days. The ongoing outbreak of fungal meningitis, linked to a few batches of contaminated pain injections, has added another reason to worry about the safety of patients.More than 200 people have been diagnosed with a never-before-seen type of fungal meningitis, caused by a black mold more commonly blamed for causing sinus infections.
According to the newspaper La Voix, out of five hundred children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed.
M., the cousin of two of the vaccine-injured children, who currently remain critically ill and hospitalized, explained that many of the children reacted within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine.
He said that after some discussion, they decided to evacuate approximately 50 paralyzed children to a hospital over three hundred miles away in N’Djamena, the capital city of Chad. Daugla Oumagoum Moto, the director of the Center of International Health Support (CSSI), the reactions that these children have suffered are not typical of this type of vaccine against meningitis, which they say are normally fever, vomiting, and headaches, not the adverse reactions experienced by the hospitalized children. Why were 500 children vaccinated in a region that has only one doctor, who was unable to provide advice or treatment for adverse events until one week later?
UNICEF blames Chad’s recurrent outbreaks of disease, including meningitis, on this vital, common-sense need. My rule of thumb is, its my body and therefore it means that it will be I who is going to suffer the side effects of some drug that I was told to take for my own good.
With the decisions that they make, they have hundreds of thousand of deaths on their hands, and the buck has to stop somewhere. There is literally nothing left standing for information that has not been altered and misrepresented, when the opposite outcome was true. If it is polio, they may recover if treated properly, but the chances of that are remote as even the medics dont know what they are doing.  Vaccinating people who dont have the basics of health, such as clean drinking water and nutrition is asking for terrible trouble. This is why I didnt vaccinate my grandson and they got really mad at me when I asked them why their trials were only done on black and native children. A bloke I know was well pleased with getting a flu jab, he said it was free so he was very excited, a real bargain. Terrorists must think to themselves, why should they bother with america when they are doing a far better job than any terrorist could do. People need to realize the goal of these mass murderers and its not to prevent disease but to kill.
Who are these moguls who decide who should be on Earth and who should not – I do know most of them, not personally, I am glad to say, but the Gates name comes up frequently as they disguise eugenics through, apparent, philanthropy.
The prime minister of chad has visited the hopital where the paralyzed children are now accommadated.
I’d much rather have reliable sources backed by references, which she did source, but say absolutely nothing about the children falling ill. However, if you look very closely at all the comments you will see that he has bravely come on to VacTruth and commented. He said that at first the children vomited and complained of headaches, before falling to the floor with uncontrollable convulsions while bent over with saliva coming from their mouths.

Why did the manufacturer of MenAfriVac specifically advise that the product should be stored and transported at much lower temperatures than The Meningitis Project claimed? But when the day comes that if I take a drug and the authorities are the ones that get sick, then I will do as they tell me.
Then you can add all the more harm than good that vaccines have  done, which they deny as well, and always will; nothing is ever enough. This is reckless and mindless to say the least, but this is what they do because its good for business and human greed will always come first. Self destruction is madness, it weakens the nation and all the children end up autistic and damaged in some way.  Its hard to understand such a mentality but this is what they are doing and human greed  and ignorance is one of the main reasons. These vaccines a laced with poisons including mercury do its no wonder these poor children paralyzed. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies. La Voix is a very small local newspaper and I have been informed that Internet connections are extremely poor in this area. This fungus is found in soil around the world. Cryptococcal meningitis most often affects people with compromised immune systems. He told me that, despite the state of the vulnerable children and many parents begging for help, the regional authorities failed to respond on time.
The only available information, apart from this one newspaper report, appears to be buried on a small blog titled Le blog de Makaila, which has been reporting regular updates on the situation. People must research and educate themselves from as well the unbiased and complete information, and the available unbiased science that the CDC ignores. The children were not seen by the only doctor in the region until a full week after their injuries! This test involves taking a sample of fluid from the spinal column (called cerebrospinal fluid or CSF). Office-based doctors generally leave it to patients to fill their prescriptions, often through a large pharmacy benefit managers such as Express Scripts or at retail pharmacies. They must examine for themselves both sides of the information and claims made, and decide for themselves which information in the balance is correct. Otherwise they will simply remain entirely mislead as to the actual safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Compounding pharmacies are supposed to mix up drugs to order – a special cream, for instance, or a flavored syrup. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t do routine oversight of compounding pharmacies, leaving the responsibility to state boards of pharmacy. This occurs when the infection disrupts the normal movement of CSF around the brain and spinal cord. Massachusetts officials say they are checking the possibility that NECC had way overstepped its license.Centers for Disease Control and PreventionDr. Benjamin Park, Surveillance Team Lead, updates the Incident Manager and colleagues on CDC activities in response to the 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak.Bonnie Levin, who heads pharmacy services at Maryland-based MedStar Health, said her not-for-profit, regional healthcare system had sometimes used outside compounding pharmacies on occasion, but has stopped since news of the fungal meningitis outbreak. 31, there were 123 reports of new drug shortages for 2012, about a third lower than those logged for about the same period in 2011.
He was surprised to learn that compounding pharmacies don’t come under complete FDA regulation, and noted that states have real budget gaps, especially in the current economy.

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