One of the public health successes of recent years, has been the vaccination campaign for meningitis C. Last April I noted here that there are around 500 people alive now, who would not have been if the vaccine had not been extensively administered, and pointed out some of the misreporting by the media of reported vaccine reactions at the time of its launch. 21,000 doses of meningitis C vaccine have been withdrawn GP clinics because they may have been contaminated by a bacteria.
Another piece in The Independent about the meningitis C vaccine contains the highly emotive views of a mum, pictured with her child who did not suffer any adverse reactions after meningitis C vaccine. The Independent points out that another vaccine scare might undermine parental confidence in vaccines, but that does stop them irresponsibly plastering this story on their frontpage? Dr Ged Lee, from the MHRA, stressed that the move was a precautionary one and that none of the samples that had come to the UK had been contaminated. The contaminated batch was actually a batch undergoing separate testing to see to examine whether the sample would remain secure under different air pressures during air transport. I’m fairly skeptical of claim made by The Independent that they have forced the hand of the MHRA in taking action on this issue. There is currently no evidence of any risk to UK children, and there have been no reports of any infections following vaccination. The two batches sent to the UK passed all the normal tests, including a sterility test, to ensure the safety, quality and effectiveness of the product before leaving the manufacturing site in Italy and travelling by road to the UK. College students are required by law to get vaccinated for meningitis 10 days before the new Spring semester starts.
The new state law requires college students to get the vaccine 10 days before school starts.

For parents of younger kids worried about meningitis, they can get this vaccine as early as 7th grade. The Midland Health Department hopes to get another batch of vaccines by the end of this week.
Medical Promotion Model, Drug Promotion Model, Anatomical Model, Male Pelvis ModelIt could be used for drug promotion, medicine promtoin and pharmaceutical promtion. Meningitis Vaccine, injection drugThe vaccine is a lyophilized vaccine of Meningococcal capsular polysaccharide antigen, via polysaccharide activation and derivatisation covalently bound to tetanus toxoid protein.
Cialis Sex Drug Oral Steroids Powder TadalafilCialis Sex Drug Oral Steroids Powder Tadalafil If this item is in your favor, please kindly let me know. Here is a graph of laboratory confirmed cases of serogroup C disease for England and Wales between 1998-99 to 2007-08.
The piece includes the dangers of meningitis C infection, and does note the recall is precautionary, but it still comes across as a vaccine scare story.
At the end of its journey it was found to be contaminated with staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which could have been due to the seals expanding on the containers used. The time scale of the action, given the highly precautionary nature of the action, seems sensible and in-line with previous MHRA action on other products. And the Observer under his editorship saw its reputation for accurate coverage of scientific and medical stories slide alarmingly. The views on this blog do not represent the views of my employer or any organisation which I am associated with now or in the past. At your local health department the cost is about $10, if you go elsewhere it will cost you about $130.

The Department of Family and Protective Services is calling on Texas to watch kids around water. All the batches of meningitis C vaccine distributed in the UK underwent the normal testing process with no problems.
Calls for a public inquiry for tardiness are an over-reaction and regrettably give the impression there has been a failure to maintain patient safety. Alton and the Absurder were flayed in the blogosphere, and the resulting furore was widely credited with hastening Alton’s departure as editor. This includes anything from telling them not to Run, to wearing life jackets and keeping them supervised at all times.
The Government has got to come clean about its decision-making and when the Secretary of State was told what happened. It may well be seen as an another useful opportunity for the opposition to paint the government as dysfunctional and incompetent, but politicians should think before they raise the temperature on vaccine safety issues. The coverage was notably slammed by Ben Goldacre in the Absurder’s sister paper the Guardian. The Guardian reports concisely and sensibly, that the contaminated vaccine never even entered the UK. It's memorial day weekend, which means pools are opening up again and it’s important to remember that 35 children have died in water related incidents already this year.

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