Nonsurgical meniscus treatment options involving anti-inflammatory drugs and rehabilitation approaches. If the tear is at the outer edge of the knee’s meniscus then it has high chances of healing by a good blood supply.
But the white zone or the two-third area in the inner of the meniscus generally takes time to repair as blood supply is not good in this area. However in cases where the tear extends itself from the outer edge or red zone of the meniscus to the inner area or the white zone of the meniscus then it gets enough blood supply that helps it to heal.
It is always preferable preserving meniscus as saving an injured meniscus through a meniscus repair generally reduces the chances of degeneration of the knee joint.
Left untreated, meniscus injuries can be extremely debilitating and lead to life long complications. In older people whose menisci are more likely to be worn down, a tear can result from even a very minor injury.
I sprained a ligament in both knees a month ago doing aerobics, and was beginning to feel I would never heal.
My husband will be eternally grateful for your product - he has to do the daily vacuuming from our exotic birds and our 3 dogs.
Since I am a Certified Rehabilitation RN, I started researching the Internet looking for a product that would provide radiant heat. I just spoke to you on the phone in regard to my results in the use of the Inferno Knee Wrap I received about 3 weeks ago. I just took Advil, Aleve, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM to help limit the discomfort.( I will add that I have ordered a number of supplements that promised the end of knee pain but they have not worked).
I Googled natural healing of meniscus tear and MendMeShop opened up and I read about the Inferno Knee Wrap to increase blood flow to the knees. If the next few weeks go as well as the past 3 weeks, I should be down to 1 treatment per day and not have the stiff knees I have had after sitting or standing for an extended period of time. We took him to the Dr who told us he had torn cartilage in both knees and would need arthroscopic surgery on both knees to take out the torn cartilage.
I showed the articles to his Surgeon and told him I wanted to try it before he had more surgery done. So if you are having the same issues give these products a try you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!!!! I recently had surgery on my left shoulder on Jan 4th of this year to shave down the bone to leave enough space for my shoulder joint to work. It seemed to be healing slowly, until I probably reinjured it trying to cut down a small tree.
The shot lasted until September and had another shot October 26 with a warning from the Dr that if I couldn't get any better through therapy by Jan 6 2011 I would have to have the full surgery with my tendions and muscles sewn up to the top of my Rotator Cuff. So I did some research for the last 2 months and kept comming up with the MendMeShop Left Shoulder Inferno Wrap. The next day I did a few 60 minute sessions and I could feel my muscles ache a little bit, but NO PAIN praise God !!!
I actually started walking again yesterday and look forward to getting back to Bootcamp soon.
Are you looking for a superior level of treatment for your degenerated knee, meniscus, ACL or other knee injury? In August of 2009, I suffered a severe meniscus tear in my left knee, pain level 9.5 out of 10. Within a couple of weeks [after starting treatment], I was able to get rid of the crutches and was 95% pain free in 8 weeks, completely healed and back on a treadmill two weeks after that. Purchasing the wraps was by far the wisest medical treatment decision I have ever made for two reasons. Before we go further, it is important to understand that your body is capable of healing itself.
Constant re-injury (you know when it's happening, you can feel the pain) needs to be avoided at all costs.
The more scar tissue that develops, the more likely you will wind up permanently injured with chronic pain or arthritis. An pro athlete with a knee injury has the luxury of being attended to by athletic trainers and physical therapists.
This professional meniscus therapy system from AidMyMeniscus puts in your hands the necessary tools to reduce the pain of your meniscus injury, greatly enhance the blood flow to your injury and allow you to maintain joint elasticity. If you have a meniscus injury or chronic pain in the knee, you can heal quickly if you treat your injury correctly. Once you hold one in your hands, you will quickly discover the Freezie Wrap® is unlike any other cold compression wrap out there.
RigiGel® has a unique formula that never freezes rock solid even after being in the freezer for extended periods of time. Freezie Wraps® work best because they interrupt and slow nerve and cell function in the damaged meniscus. In the early days or weeks of your meniscus injury the inflammation is partly your body's reaction to try to immobilize the injured area. Promoting blood flow around an injured area to help the body heal itself is a concept that has been utilized for centuries. How many times in the past have you aggravated your knee just trying to perform basic tasks around the home?
Most people we deal with tell us these scenarios have happened to them many times in the past. An injury to the knee can easily lead to straining in other areas, making an overall recovery hard to initiate.
The truth is that our technology is proprietary and it stands alone to be what we believe is the most effective Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ available. While the concept of electromagnetic energy is slowly catching on in North America, the truth is, it is a technology that has been utilized in other societies for decades. The Inferno Wrap® is an incredibly effective treatment tool that will heavily accelerate the body's own healing process. As you slowly start to use the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device more frequently, you should find that your knee recovery will accelerate as well.
Before making the transition to crutches, physical therapists prescribe gentle stretching of an injured knee. Using the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device not only helps minimize the growth of scar tissue, but it also increases the elasticity and strength of the joint. The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device is an FDA Registered Medical Device and is suitable for repetitive, industrial usage in hospitals and therapeutic clinics. Every Single Day We Receive Calls From Customers Who Simply Want To Thank Us For Introducing Them To Our Amazing Products! I've had four surgeries on my right knee, and two on the left, to repair torn meniscus, ACL, and other conditions. After placing the order, I made several calls, to some Veterinarian buddies, and asked their opinion about this type of treatment.
One last thing, did I mention that my experience with MendMeShop was a 100% positive experience?
Since I am a Certified Rehabilitation RN, I started researching the Internet looking for a product that would provide electromagnetic energy.
The feedback we have received from so many people who have used our treatment options as part of their healing therapy has been overwhelmingly positive.
That means that for every 100 people who try our products, 94 of these individuals should be experiencing moderate to significant relief. Our line of products were designed in-house and we have full control over the production process. After making a purchase from us, I would encourage you to take advantage of this added benefit as we have seen firsthand the thousands of people that have been helped. Right after you place an order, call or email us and we will have a plan developed immediately so you will be able to get started upon arrival of your parcel.
However, words are meaningless unless a company stands strongly behind the products they sell. Use your products diligently for up to 60 days and you will experience a significant reduction in pain. All purchases receive a one year, full replacement warranty with guaranteed, prompt service. You will save hundreds of dollars, possibly even more, by utilizing our products in comparison to attending treatments at a physical therapy clinic. You will likely agree that our products sounds encouraging at this point, however, you may be thinking the solutions we provide are going to cost a small fortune. We keep our overhead costs low by selling only on-line versus setting up costly distribution channels offline. Think about it – you can now have the ability to treat your meniscus and knee pain from the comfort of your own home while saving money in the process. Best of all, you are fully protected when making a purchase from us as we offer a no-hassle 60 day, full money back guarantee.
First, AidMyMeniscus has extensive security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, unauthorized access and alteration of customer information. Our on-line shop is located on a very secure server and we conduct security testing every day of the week to ensure all facets of our security system are fully optimized. Furthermore, we have gone the extra step of hiring a specialized on-line security company (Comodo) to test the security of our shop on a daily basis. As you can see, ordering from us is a very easy and safe process, no matter if choosing to order on-line or over the phone. AidMyMeniscus stands out in this regard as our goal is to help you heal for the longer-term.
If you are still uncertain which route to go or if you would like to discuss issues affecting your meniscus, acl, mcl or other knee injuries, then do not hesitate to contact a AidMyMeniscus Advisor immediately by phone or email.
AidMyMeniscus advisors do not work on commission, so be assured you will only receive fair and objective information. Click here To read more about why the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device is a proven knee therapeutic device that is currently in use in hospitals and therapists clinics in Canada.
Knee injuries are very common, meniscus injuries occur in most sports, but most commonly occur in contact sports. Meniscus Injuries often occur in combination with ligament injuries, particularly when the medial meniscus is involved. Injury to the medial meniscus is about 5 times more common than injury to the lateral meniscus.

First, there is a lot less pain when walking and secondly the external knee temperature (feeling by hand- not very scientific) is now almost the same for both knees.
I have been using the wrap three times a day for 20 minutes on and at least two hours off with at least 15 minutes each day on the stationary bike. The wrap seems really well made which it should considering the price and it is large enough to fit the largest knee. The Knee Inferno provided much needed relief while I waited eight weeks for my appointment with an Orthopedic practice in my area - very glad I chose to make the investment. I had been to the doctor and had scheduled an MRI about the time I ordered the ice and Inferno wraps. Again, thank you for a product that has saved me hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars had surgery been the result of the MRI, not to mention the risks associated with surgery. Please be aware that this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
Location and extent of the tear, level of pain, activity level of the patient, age of the patient, time of the injury, and preference of the doctor are some of the factors that determine the meniscus rupture treatment options. The location of the meniscus tear is also one of the major factors which determine the treatment choices. Minor tear generally heals on its own by proper rest and with a knee brace specially for meniscus tear injuries. It is also a fact that in younger people, those who are less than 40 years of age, meniscus repair is successful compared to the older people. Boxing is very strenuous on the arms and shoulders and I have had a rotator cuff injury for the past two years. I use the Inferno Wrap before my workouts to relax and loosen up the muscles in my shoulder and increase the circulation. I had a minor MCL tear and bursitis of the knee from a fall on ice in February, yes here in the Southern US, we do have ice sometimes and we don't know how to walk on it. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis several years ago and was told I would probably need knee replacement in a few years. I saw an Orthopedic Sports Physician and was given an injection after the MRI and x-rays confirmed I had a Baker’s Cyst and a slightly torn meniscus (Do not know how I tore it). I look forward to increased activity so I can keep up with the 7 grandchildren that keep us busy. My son who was 17 years old at the time he's now 18, was complaining of pain in both his knees. At this young age I did not want him to loose what cartilage he had as it leads to other problems when you get older. He said it was probably just another internet scam but I went ahead and ordered it anyway sine they have a 60 day return policy.
I have never responded to any product before but I feel strongly about these products, they really do work, I wish I had saved him from having surgery on his other knee.
I went back to my Orthopedic Surgeon for my follow up and had to have a cordizone shot in June so I could be painfree while on a long awaited vacation.
I told him I don't want to go through the pain again, since I can't take pain medication due to my daily med I have to take for PTSD and can't take them both at the same time. I printed all the material and showed it to my OS and he said to try it if I think it will help me. I was buying a large tube of Extra Strength Muscle Rub with 16 % Menthol once a week to bear the pain along with 800 ML of Ibuprofen. I am on Disability so I can't afford to waste a penny, but this purchase is becomming a lifesaver for me. I will keep you all up to date a few times a week as I progress, along with any replies I might recieve. I started to get some relief immediately and believe that i am on the road to a full recovery. This occurred in my sleep while trying to untangle sheets that had wrapped around my ankles. I had major and minor surgeries over the past two years and was not excited about another one. I have a friend at church who had the same injury, opted for surgery, and took 12 weeks to heal. Once you have surgery you are never the same, (with knee surgery you are almost guaranteed arthritis in the affected area within ten years or less), and the healing process was quicker without having to undergo invasive surgery.
Right now, there are thousands of doctors and physical therapists dealing with patients that require a non-standard, aggressive solution to heal their injury as fast as possible. The menisci, named the lateral meniscus and the medial meniscus are two tough pieces of cartilage that rest between the thigh bone and the shin bone.
Obviously, it delays the healing process, but what's worse is that every re-injury and additional healing cycle increases the amount of scar tissue that builds up in the area of your original knee injury (the medial meniscus, for instance).
Scar tissue means that your knee will not perform as well as it once did and it makes it much more prone to injury later on. These are the tools that top professional athletes use to heal their injuries every single day. On an injured knee, the Freezie Wrap® will immediately reduce the risk of further damage from increased swelling.
RigiGel® can be chilled in the freezer AND remain ice cold for the duration of your treatment. Once blood vessels are damaged they can no longer carry oxygenated blood to the damaged meniscus and therefore cells begin to break-down.
The real challenge is how to promote blood flow to the knee without causing further injury? More than 15 years of experience in the field of carbon fiber materials led to the development of the Inferno Wrap®.
Within moments of applying an Inferno Wrap® to your knee, you can feel the healing sensation due to the increase in blood flow deep within the area. This Energy Web® emits a uniform wave of perfectly safe electromagnetic energy over its entire surface. When they are emitted from the Inferno Wrap® they penetrate right through your skin and fat layers until they get to your meniscus, ligaments, and tendons in the knee. Over the past 30 years, researchers in Japan and China have completed extensive studies on the use of the modality and their findings have been impressive. Since it is completely safe for patients to use themselves, these are now available for use at home. I was introduced to a carpenter (I'll call him Paul) about 6 months ago that had designed and created this device especially for his friend Earl that was attempting to recover from a bad knee injury. The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device already has a ten year successful track record in Canadian physical therapy clinics and hospitals. They don't prescribe this to annoy you - it is in fact the most important part of knee injury recovery. After using the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device over time, your knee joint will be better prepared to handle higher and higher loads. This device is deemed safe to use without medical assistance and as such is also available for use at home. Hospital in Oklahoma for the past couple of years, helping her patients overcome a number of physical ailments. I'm certain that I'm going to be "hard pressed" to fully explain just how GREAT my personal experience has been with MendMeShop. She was so impressed with the ease of use and the results she achieved with the Inferno Wrap®, that she decided to send us a testimonial as well.
The odds are certainly in your favor that you too will achieve relief from much of the pain and inflammation that is currently burdening your lifestyle. This gives us the ability to source higher-end components and to implement design enhancements fairly quickly. There is no cost for this service, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can't promise you miraculous results, however, we do promise to do everything we can to help you with your condition.
AidMyMeniscus Advisors and Product Specialists are available 7 days a week by toll free phone or email to answer your questions or concerns. This is why we give people an option to order over the phone by calling toll free 1-866-237-9608. In fact, we have invested around $200,000 over the past 4 years in hardware, software, and programming to ensure that on-line transaction are kept safe and secure. This double testing ensures customers that protection of their information is given the highest priority.
Once the transaction is completed, the credit information disappears from our internal systems. Nothing is more important than making the proper decision when it comes to treating your meniscus pain. If you do not receive the benefits that others have experienced, simply return your purchase back to us and we will issue a prompt & full refund. When I started with the wrap the right knee was obviously the hotter knee indicating inflammation, I guess. Depending on the level of injury on the meniscus , surgeon will then recommend or to advise on the suitable treatment. It is highly needed that your doctor should know the exact location of your meniscus tear prior operating the area. If torn pieces of meniscus float into the spaces of the joints then there are chances of knee locking.
The orthopedic surgeons decide about the removing or repairing the meniscus tear during surgery. It is because these people have more stability in their ligaments, and this helps the recovery process faster and easy.
After a hard training session (sometimes up to 3 hours), I use the Freezie Wrap to deal with any remaining inflammation. To discuss your particular situation and how our products can help, call us toll-free at 1-866-237-9608. Well, to make a long story short, I healed much faster and will recommend your product to others.
This injury was very similar to the previous knee injury, so I thought my knee would heal without seeking orthopedic evaluation. I have been using it several times a day for several weeks and I am now pain free and functionally able to resume all activities.

I have been riding my stationary bike up to 30 minutes a day (about 3-4 times per week) since November.
I was assured if I was not satisfied with the products I was ordering, I could return them for a full refund.
I went to the internet for help ,hoping there was a better way to solve his problem in his other knee. Today is Thursday and I haven't had to put any rub on my shoulder since coming home saturday night. Sometimes I just unplug from the charger, tuck the little 8 inch connector, then I tighten the wrap to make it a compression support and the heat stays in it for hours and allows me to be able to function a lot less painful since I am left handed also. I had awoken suddenly to severe pain that that only got worse as the injury began to swell under my kneecap. Maybe they are competitive athletes that must return to their competitive sport as fast as possible (downtime=money), or perhaps they are just patients that have decided they are unwilling to just take pain-killers, lay in bed and wait it out. Combined, these 2 menisci bear all of your body weight when you are standing and because of the incredible stress put on the menisci, healing can take a long time. This is why it is massively important to deal with your Meniscus Injury properly right from the start. I will now explain to you exactly why these three therapies are critical for properly addressing a meniscus injury. The Knee Freezie Wrap® provides compression and decreases the temperature in all the major areas of the knee.
Traditional methods require your knee to move to promote blood flow, but that same motion that promotes blood flow can also lead to making your pain and condition worse. This goal is further complicated by the fact the knee is involved in the majority of the physical movements we perform each day. The longer the injury (and corresponding pain) persists, the greater the chance that you will sustain more strain from overcompensation, eventually leading to issues in those areas as well. Not only do we have our own in-house team of experts, we also hire top engineers worldwide to continually improve upon the production and quality control processes. During a treatment, and for quite some time after you finish, your injured knee tendons, ligaments, bursa and muscles will feel gently warmed and more relaxed.
This energy travels deep inside to the soft tissue in your knee and stimulates the blood flow needed to heal your injury.
In addition, success has been reported in studies from countries such as Sweden and Germany. It is already proven to be highly valued by Canadian physical therapists as a major recovery tool for patients suffering from meniscus injuries, knee ligament injuries and post knee-surgery recovery. You probably know of someone that chose not to do these stretches as it is common - and they paid a high price for it.
This device is manufactured with a durable, easy glide track and is constructed almost completely from Canadian hardwoods. This therapist often refers her patients to us so they can order their therapy products to use in conjunction with the therapy they receive from the V.A. They are as friendly as Texans, (that's saying something, right there folks!) and their products perform like they say! In fact, you have my word that if you use these products, for what they are intended, you will be 100% satisfied also. This injury was very similar to the previous knee injury, so I thought my knee would without seeking orthopedic evaluation.
Everyone has a different capacity for healing and different circumstances behind their pain and discomfort. Our customers are always providing feedback to us and we work hard to meet many of their suggestions.
We take on all of the risk because we know our products work well for the overwhelming majority of people who purchase them. Simply call toll free 1-866-237-9608 to place an order with one of our knowledgeable Product Advisors. However, to help ease fears of ordering on-line, there are a few points that should be noted. Most methods only mask the problems or provide temporary relief; they do not treat the pain at its source. There are different treatments depending on condition which Dr.Kevin yip will advise during the consultation, if there is a need for a treatment or surgery. I started using a heating pad with a massage feature to relieve pain and found that the heat helped tremendously, but did not radiate deep enough into my knee. I still continue using the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury. After reading the testimonies and weighing the cost, I decided to give the Knee Inferno and Knee Freezie a try! In fact, if you want to heal properly you have to treat yourself because you need to treat your injury every single day. All medical professionals agree that controlling the swelling of an injury is a fundamental necessity in reducing long term (chronic) permanent damage obtained from a soft tissue injury. In addition, every Freezie Wrap® is made of high quality, medical grade neoprene that gives you superior, adjustable compression. It will stay in place when you place it on your knee and will work to provide you with cold compression throughout the course of the treatment.
To minimize the potential for secondary injuries, know that it is important to deal with your knee injury quickly and completely. Research is continuing and soon, much of North America will know what the Far East and Europe has known for a long time; electromagnetic energy provides a wide range of health benefits for those not only suffering from knee injuries, but for many other ailments as well. This neoprene shell helps shape the flexible Energy Web® to mold around the contours of the knee, ensuring there is an even distribution of safe, electromagnetic energy into the injured sub-dermal areas of the knee. Once the foot was in the bag, he should stretch and strengthen his knee by sliding his foot forward and back across the floor.
The "main" injury, that caused me to seek out the information that resulted in my finding these great folks, is my right knee. Over the years, I've managed to break (according to my Doc.) about 70% of the bones in this tired old body!
I started using a heating pad with a massage feature to relieve the pain and found that the heat helped, but did not radiate deep enough into my knee.
I still continue to use the Inferno Knee Wrap on a daily basis in hopes that I can prevent another knee injury. They are here to help you develop a personalized plan to overcome your pain and discomfort. I highly recommend both of these products to anyone with a chronic injury who is saddled with daily pain.
I could not sit or stand for any length of time without my knees hurting and being very stiff.
I tried it wrapped over a sweater with a thermal shirt underneath and the heat went right through and felt like I was at the physical therapist.
For years, professional athletes (and privileged individuals) have had access to state of the art meniscus treatment therapy, which allows them to heal much more quickly and more completely. I would prop myself up on crutches with a pillow in my mouth to bite down on and stifle my yelling as to not disturb the rest of my family, while I straightened my leg.
Once you have read more about our therapies, you will understand that we have the unique ability to provide you with the best treatment options available to you at home. The use of a cold compression wrap is the first step that should be taken to seize control of a soft tissue injury. Many of the muscles that surround the knee are connected to muscles in the hip and foot; because of this, knee pain can be very debilitating from the hip down.
Once treatment is complete, you have the option of tightening the straps to provide light compression support for the injured knee as well.
Earl complained of the intense pain he encountered when the bag inevitably creased and folded thereby jerking his knee, and soon after that, the first Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device was created. Over the years, we have offered strong support in helping military personnel, active and retired, manage the challenging physical injuries they face. Getting back in the game in a matter of days instead of weeks or months is crucial to their season. I needed to do this every time before I could begin a trip to the bathroom; which at 49 years old is a 3am occurrence every night. In fact, our products are currently being used in many doctors and therapist clinics - they are just that good!
You can also unplug the device from the power supply enabling you to move around the home, office or clinic freely and still use the wrap for support and comfort. We welcome those, who are serving or have served, and are dealing with painful injuries and physical conditions to contact us to see how we can help.
I was not ready for that yet so I did not do anything until March when I scheduled knee surgery.
Meanwhile the average person can suffer for months and in some cases years without proper meniscus treatment. Some of our clients use the Knee Freezie Wrap® at home and work, keeping a spare pack charging the fridge or freezer at the office and home! It just so happened, that I decided to look on the Internet for some kind of "fix", and found the MendMeShop website. The Orthopedic Surgeon stated he could not promise to get rid of the pain and I did not need knee replacement yet. Fortunately, with the latest technology breakthrough times have now changed and professional treatment is available to everyone who needs it.
He also said at my age, 63, I do not have enough blood flow to the knee to heal the meniscus tear. I walked out to my truck without the crutches!" That happened on the second day, in the evening! I prepared myself for surgery but then started thinking there had to be another answer since I would still have pain in my knees.

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