Crisis ResourcesWhat is a School Social Worker?Interested in Hiring a School Social Worker? School social work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of the social work profession.
School social workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student services team. School social workers are instrumental in furthering the mission of the schools which is to provide a setting for teaching, learning, and for the attainment of competence and confidence. Children today are increasingly victims of many social forces that negatively affect their role as students. Working with those problems in a child's living situation that affect the childa€™s adjustment in school. Alleviating family stress to enable the child to function more effectively in school &community. Providing consultation regarding school law and school policy including IDEA and Section 504. Please feel free to download and use the following documents to assist with understanding the many services that School Social Workers are uniquely trained to provide. School Social Workers' Role in Addressing Students' Mental Health Needs and Increasing Academic Achievement  SSWAA Document.
National Standards for School Social Work Services (2002) Developed by the National Association of Social Workers. David Nylund has over 25 years of clinical experience working in many contexts including community mental health, non-profit agencies, managed care settings, and private practice. Rachael Hudson was on the planning board for GHC and was voted in as Operations Manager, the only full time employee, when we opened our doors in July of 2010. Alejandro Contreras began his relationship with the GHC as an undergraduate intern in 2012, since graduating 2013 with a Bachelors in Social Work he has been brought on as staff of the center.
Alex lived on Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, Canada) prior to moving to Miwok Territory (Sacramento) in 2014 to join our team as a mental health program manager.
Keyko is a social activist and Chicana that was born and raised in San Diego, California but has made her home in Sacramento for almost a decade.
Robyn has been a very active member of the trans community since she moved to Sacramento in 2012. Mental Health Nursing Assistant Employment Contracts (Exact or Similar Job Positions): Find Free Career Help Samples & Templates And Document Formats For How to Build And Write Job Contract For This or Alternative Job Titles. The family is in a state of change and until it becomes stabilized, in whatever form, children's unmet physical and emotional needs will continue to interfere with their ability to learn and adjust in school.

Ben is the founding Executive Director of the Gender Health Center (GHC), a grassroots non-profit providing healthcare and advocacy for marginalized and underserved populations with a focus on transgender folks. He has been committed to the Scripts - Hormone Clinic as Program Coordinator and has expanded his role to include the Covered California Outreach and Education initiative as well as facilitating other GHC programs and events. Alex holds a BSW and is currently completing an MSW also at the University of Victoria, Canada. She is a freethinking, lesbian, transwoman, activist who is proud to have become a “Vagina Warrior” when she took part in the Sacramento 2015 production of the Vagina Monologues.
They also collaborate with other entities such as Sacramento Covered in regards to health care enrollment. Interprets plant and departmental health policies & regulations to nursing staff employees.
Determines qualifications, duties and responsibilities of nursing staff and assists in selection. Coordinates and evaluates nursing activities in agency for making sure balanced adequate program and to formulate progressive program designed to meet changing needs of community. He is co-founder of TransFamilies Sacramento, and serves as a co-chair of the LGBT Foster Youth Task Force.
Nylund is an associate professor of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento and the former clinical director of the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center’s counseling program. She organizes community speaking, tabling at events, fundraising and social events, as well as coordinating the Spearers Bureau for panels. As an undergraduate student, she was the director and program coordinator of the CSU, Chico Women’s Center, and received her Bachelor’s degree in social work with a minor in women’s studies.
An avid cyclist, and do-gooder; he serves on the executive committee of the board for the NorCalAIDS Cycle as the youngest member and only member of color and also teaches 3rd grade at Union House Elementary in the South Sacramento community. Alex is a queer and trans activist committed to addressing the root causes of systemic violence and creating safe, loving communities for people of all genders and sexualities.
Upon graduating, she went through the Bilingual and Multicultural Education Teacher Credential Program with an emphasis in Social Justice. She is a proudly outspoken sexual health educator, who has recently joined the Gender Health Center team as an HIV test counselor; she is also involved with our new Needle Exchange Program. They coordinate every aspect of our health care enrollment program, collaborating with staff, to ensure success of the program. Arranges for orientation of newly appointed nursing staff in company policy nursing procedures.
Directs collection, analysis and interpretation of statistics significant to program planning budget preparation.

He sits on the Steering Committee of the California LGBT Health and Human Services Network. He is an expert on transgender mental health care and is a full-standing member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Most of her work experience has been in feminist and queer community organizing, service delivery, event planning and public policy advocacy.
His passion for social justice led them to discover Narrative Therapy and subsequently the life-saving healthcare and mental health community work being pioneered at Gender Health Center. While and since attending CSUS, Keyko has been involved as a volunteer for the Multicultural, Women's Resource and Pride Centers by participating and promoting panels and various events at CSUS. In her spare time she has discovered a talent for writing and sharing her unique perspective on this beautiful, painful, incredibly complex journey called life.
Cooperates with nursing specialists and supervisors to organize educational programs for staff community. Jacke has also spent several years working in the domestic violence field, providing legal advocacy, crisis intervention and case management services.
When not working and studying, Alex finds passion and peace riding their bike, hiking the hills, and sharing meals with good company.
She has also served as the Advocacy, Arts and Culture Program Coordinator for the Sac LGBT Center. Obtains educational materials for use in teaching and demonstrating nursing other health related activities. In 2012 Ben received the Spirit of Harvey Milk Award and in 2013 was listed on the inaugural Trans 100 list; a national effort to shift the coverage of transgender narratives to focus on the positive work being done by 100 transgender activists nationwide. Currently, Jacke is the Program Manager of Gender Health Center where she has developed and implemented a health advocacy program to support transgender individuals in navigating the health care system to ensure all health needs are being met, including getting access to hormones and surgeries. While teaching social-emotional Learning to at-risk youth in the Sac-City Unified School district, she began her involvement at the Gender Health Center she was involved with the Healthcare Revolution and is now the office manager, coordinating Intake and volunteers efforts as well as day-to-day office operations.
In addition to working at GHC, Jacke is adjunct faculty at the Division of Social Work at Sacramento State.

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