Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool was developed in order to provide you with a means of evaluating applications especially designed for the latest technologies and platforms from Microsoft. Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool is easy to deploy thanks to its wizard-like interface and automated running mode. Edition: Application Manager is included with AdminStudio Professional and Enterprise Editions.
You can integrate Application Manager Test Center with your Microsoft ACT (Application Compatibility Toolkit) database and display ACT test results.

To enable AdminStudio to display data from your Microsoft ACT database in Test Center views and reports, perform the following steps. Enter connection information for your Microsoft ACT database on the Microsoft ACT tab of the Application Manager Options dialog box, as described in Entering Microsoft ACT Database Connection Settings. The software tests the compatibility first and then if any security issues may arise from using the application in question.
Support for integration with a Microsoft ACT database is included in the Application Compatibility Pack.

ACT is used to create an inventory of an organizationa€™s installed applications, computers, and devices, and to identify and resolve compatibility issues.

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