Mobile websites that are built on Tappinn can be accessed through any web-enabled mobile device.
The mobile website builder features: mobile video embedding, social sharing, button designs, comments, vCards, sign up capture, text design, Twitter embedding, images, and much more. Mobile Offers: Create exclusive mobile offers that can be delivered to customers through QR codes, SMS, NFC tags, mobile websites, mobile banner ads, and more. SoundCloud: Using the audio publishing platform, SoundCloud, members can record and publish audio tracks, then integrate them into their mobile websites and landing pages. Image Slide Show: A dynamic way to exhibit up to 6 images that sequentially slide across the same window on the mobile page, letting audiences 'swipe to browse' rather than scrolling down, best utilizing the mobile screen size. Twitter Feeds: Inject live conversation into your mobile experience by embedding twitter feeds into your pages.
Business cards: Set up vCards and merge them with additional contact information for business card QR code applications.
The Qfuse mobile website editor is an all-in-one interface for managing your mobile websites and editing individual mobile landing pages.
With Qfuse you can literally create a professional mobile presence in a matter of minutes and pennies on the dollar compared to contemporary means.
Saluting a decade of many milestones, WebGuru Infosystems proudly celebrates its 10 years of Webcognition. With every experience, our teams have developed and adapted themselves to the changing business and technical environments. Mobile Apps have redefined the entire internet culture by replicating high end functions previously possible only on desktop applications.
Our entire team comprises of creative Designers, skilled Developers, experienced Analysts, disciplined Project Managers and result-oriented Marketing Professionals. As an established website development company, we strictly follow a planned and systematic approach that provides a software conforming to the negotiated technical requirements. We analyze backward and forward compatibility criteria for every business process and thus provide solutions that best suit its technical and economic grounds. Our overall project management, communication and product delivery have been appreciated by most of our clients.

Excellent communication, detailed project scope, defined project plan, disciplined management and structured testing are our main strengths that have helped us deliver 90% of our projects on time.
Finally, professional and ethical work culture is our only attitude that has attributed to our record of 10000+ Global Clientele spanning across India, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Nigeria, South America and more.
This mobile website builder software can be essential to offline & mobile marketers, business owners or anyone in need of creating mobile websites.
Unlimited Colors Pick colors from the built in drop down color chart, or enter your own custom colors. Designed for phone and tablet Mobile websites will not only look perfect on mobile phones but tablet devices too!
No Boundaries Create unlimited pages for mobile sites each with a qr code for direct marketing. MobiBizCMS has been designed with ease of use in mind for offline mobile marketers and their clients!
Your purchase gives you the right to install the software on one domain, however the number of mobile sites that you can create and host vary depending upon the license that you purchase. If you’re unsure whether your server meets these requirements, simply ask your hosting provider. All Tappinn subscribers can build, manage, and track targeted mobile websites especially intended for QR codes, SMS text messaging, and NFC mobile tagging campaigns.
Hosted on Tappinn's secure servers, mobile pages automatically format to not only fit all smartphone web browsers, but tablets and even desktop computers. Thats why we have given Tappinn subscribers have all of the tools they need to build professional mobile websites and landing pages for QR codes, SMS, and NFC tags. Allow shoppers to make secure purchases with PayPal by adding a "buy now" button for fast transactions.
Keyword searches and profiles can instantly add conversational content that updates in real time. They're convenient, professional, and most importantly help customers interact with you by allowing you to share information more effectively. We go all-out to remain dedicated to helping our clients grow and expand their businesses online through our diverse range of web solutions.

Moving forward in this industry, we are truly optimistic of our future ventures and instead of being ordinary apart, we aspire to be extraordinary together.
As a website design company, we provide customers with complete web solutions catering to all your business needs. As the backbone of our organization, our qualified professionals have always been our constant support system that enables us to deliver sophisticated and stunning websites.
This enables us to build a strong portfolio along with reputation and integrity in the market. Misunderstandings may have occurred, but they only helped to refine the project functionality and execution procedure in the long term. Congratulations on the accomplishments of your teams, as great customer service + skills is almost impossible to find these days and your professionalism has been extremely positive.
We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the good and professional work done for us. Upload the files to your server, create a database and the rest of the installation is done in the browser through a 1-step wizard!
Learn more about choosing effective buttons, Mobile Website Button Designs That Will Get Customers Clicking. Our core offerings include website design, mobile app development and Internet marketing services.
We also offer installation here or you can submit a support ticket here if you have an issue.
In the future I will have clients who may need website design & development so I will definitely use WebGuru.

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