26 year old Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach has been crowned Miss Universe in the well-known beauty pageant held last night. Pia has what is known as a heart shaped face – a V-shape lower face and large eyes which frame the upper face to give an approximate heart-shape. Unfortunately, the focus of the live show went to how the host Steve Harvey made a blunder on live television and announced Miss Columbia as the winner instead, before coming back on stage to correct himself.

A heart shaped face is highly sought after, especially in Asian cultures – it represents youthfulness. Whether we know it or not, we find things that conform to the golden ratio aesthetically beautiful. So many aesthetic treatments, such as fillers, aim to turn back the time, to attain these coveted youthful features.

Strangely, many things in nature follow the golden ratio as well, such as flowers and sea shells – Organic objets which we find beautiful.

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