Dawood Ibrahim heads the huge crime syndicate D-Company, whose interests extend to all areas of criminal activity imaginable – from drug trafficking to contract killings.
Denaro, known by analogy with the hero of Italian comic “Dyavolicheskim» (Diabolic), became one of the leaders of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra after the arrest of Bernardo Provenzano in 2006. Felicien Kabuga finasiroval one of the worst genocides in human history – the massacre of 800,000 Rwandans from the Tutsi and Hutu tribes in 1994. Fake designer clothes seized from a major counterfeiting operation centred in Stockport have been sent overseas to help the poor.
Wanted for: His role in a number of terror strikes in India, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Accused status: NIA has announced reward of Rs 10 lakh for any information leading to his arrest. Wanted for: Wanted in many attacks inside India, including the 2008 Mumbai attack, and the 2006 Mumbai train bombings. Accused status: NIA has announced reward of Rs 2 lakh for any information leading to his arrest. The other names in the Most Wanted list include Bhavesh Patel, Jauyanti Bhai Gohil, Mehul and Mohan who have a cash reward of 2 lakh on their head.
At the beginning of the century drug lord nicknamed “Little» (El Chapo) escaped from prison in a cart for dirty clothes and since then disappears from the Mexican justice somewhere in the mountains in the north-west.
Despite unprecedented efforts of the local police to end the domination of the mafia, Denaro remains at large.
In recent years the LRA has lost its historical strength as a result of the combined action of armies of Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo with support from the UN. Earlier this year, Umarov has claimed responsibility for the attack at the Domodedovo airport.

More than 3,500 garments were confiscated from Navid Salim, 41, in raids by Trading Standards, many from his NS2 shop on Stockport Market Place. Abdur Rehman Hashim, Major Sameer Ali, Major Iqbal and Sajid Majid are among the ones issued with a Red Corner Notice.
The singular impression I have of all these cities, and of others I occasionally visit and of course, the one I live in, Delhi is one of noise, pollution, plastic, garbage and filth. The basis of rankings based on information received from the FBI, CIA, Department of Narcotics and U.S.
At the traffic of marijuana and cocaine Guzman made billions – in the past, Forbes has included it in the list of the richest people in the world. In addition, in 2002, tried to bribe referees Taivanchik during competitions in figure skating at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. But so far, the LRA troops are regularly attacked by small villages, killing and hijacking of slavery, thousands of people.
In the spring it was reported that Umarov was killed during a raid by Russian law enforcement agencies. Brahamchari Mayum Angobi Sharma, Brahamchari Mayum Gopal Krishna Sharma, Jay Prakash, Khungdong Tomba, Mohammed Ashar, Praveen Limkar, Y. Washington tried to obtain the extradition from Moscow Mogilevich, but was refused: prevent lack of an extradition treaty between the countries. Three of the men named have been charged and others have been released on police bail pending further inquiries. When my colleague Anil Agarwal made presentations to the Indian Parliament in the mid-1980s about India’s environmental challenges, he found no reason to speak of urban chaos and its deadly impacts. In other words, it is an ecological history old enough for us to lament but, perhaps, young enough to still rectify.

Chennai, for instance, has seen a 10 per cent growth in people and a staggering 108 per cent growth in on-road private vehicles in the past decade. Only Delhi because of the Supreme Court order that mandated 10,000 buses running on clean fuel has substantially increased its fleet. But, while human population growth may be ordained, the growth of private vehicles is certainly not.
In the jargon of transport planners, there has occurred a substantial modal shift in transportation in these cities. In fact, what it will do is to argue, vociferously, that it has no money to invest in public transportation. First, every city reluctant to invest in public transport is busy building flyovers to take care of the burgeoning traffic when it knows flyovers never solved the problem anywhere. Delhi, for instance, according to government documents, is building 42 new structures, which will cost the exchequer nothing less than Rs 500 crore.
On the other hand, the same money spent on public transport would have substantially upgraded services for all. It is true that private vehicles constitute over 90 per cent of all vehicles in our cities.

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