You can download BMW M3 GTR for free, just look below in the Detail section.Finally, don't forget to share your opinion with your vote (just below also)!
Nfs has always maintained a certain standard for the soundtracks and most wanted is the cream of the cake-i still waiting for the cherry to come so i can give a 10! This is from a guy in romania, and i loved every single song, they are pretty amazing and very enjoyable while riding in the game. Wazzup from serbia, nice, cool, great, sock, tracks, hip-hop is the best job ever done fired up, i'm rock, lets move the best, but i dont like metal like blinded in chains, litle creepy, for me that is CRA. I like each and every nfs very much,but i think u should involve ferrari enzo and bugatti veyron in your next version. The best NFS, and the best soundtrack, EA will never make a game likethis again, Well thats what I think.
I'll say The Most Wanted Soundtracks is little Better than Carbon Soundtracks, Thanks for Your good site!

This album is the best game soundtracks that I ever heard, no game can have this full rocking album, this is awesome. Hi,i'm Renz from Philippines..I just want to tell you in Filipino,ASTIG ITONG ALBUM NA ITO!!!
The interactive pieces that were on the game were a great addition to the overall gaming experience.
BUT couldn't download DECADENCE Due to some error.Please look into this matter as soon as possible. If you wanna listen more rocking music i suggest that you should download all the prince of persia sound track. All d songs r excellent,it is better than carbon i hope next nfs will be more difficult my favret song is 9thon,iam rock. As always, this crazy band of lovable misfits is held together by the kind and steady Kermit the Frog.

They are about to find out just how they might fare without him, though they do not realize it. A notorious jewel thief en route to prison sees Kermit and orchestrates a daring plan to switch identities with him. Soon, Kermit finds himself behind bars at a Russian prison, while his reprehensible doppelganger infiltrates the Muppets and plots how he will use them in order to help him achieve his next great heist.
Disguising his thick accent is his first challenge, but how long can he convince this tight-knit group that he really is their noble leader?

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