After facing embarrassment because of errors in the most wanted list that was handed over to Pakistan in May, the National Investigation Agency has prepared a new list of 28 wanted criminals that includes al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Illyas Kashmiri, and Lashkar founder Hafiz Muhammed Saeed.
Most Wanted American WomenAmerican women fugitives most wanted for alleged crimes committed in the USA.
Most Wanted Women InternationalHunted offenders eluding surrender, many of these most wanted women are dangerous criminals who have committed crimes of murder, kidnapping and prostitution. Most Wanted IndiaA listing of India's most wanted fugitives that are alleged criminals considered armed and dangerous.

Most Wanted RewardThese fugitives are wanted with rewards on their heads, some carry bounties of more than $10,000. Unsolved Mysteries - Cold CasesA collection of unsolved mysteries, or cold cases throughout the United States, law enforcement agencies need your help in solving these crimes.
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Personally involved in the training and briefing of all the 10 terrorists who carried out the attacks.

Some are just wanted drug offenders, but all have one thing in common, they are avoiding capture. He played a role in a number of terror strikes in India, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

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