In his biography Arnold tells, that he always dreamt of being a celebrity and to be living in the U.S. Nowadays Arnold is mostly known as a very successful entrepreneur, 5 time winner of the Mr. He always believed in his abilities, trained hard, pushed and pushed over again, as he accepted that failure is not an option for him.
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Are you one of the millions of people who have watched and cheered for their bet team to the great battle in the soccer field for the FIFA World Cup 2014? The Stanley Cup Playoffs indeed are one of the most popular events not only in North-American but also worldwideA sportsA .

David Wright was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1982.A  Discovering his love of baseball early on, Wright had an extremely successful high school career.
As I browsed through the gym-motivation folder on my laptop, I found a picture of young Arnold Schwarzenegger working out in a T-Shirt with an “Arnold Is Numero Uno” print. In order to reach his goal to become a world famous athlete, he even broke into the gym in his Austrian hometown during the cold Austrian Winter to do his workout routine. Olympia Contest – the biggest title in professional bodybuilding, oh, and he became a big time action-movie star, too, not to mention, that he also made it into politics as governor of California. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.
If you do, you probably ask yourself why should watch football game and give a bet for your favorite team.

I’m pretty sure that picture is from the legendary bodybuilding movie “Pumping Iron” – if you haven’t seen it – go grab a copy! Recently he released the Arnold Schwarzenegger series of bodybuilding supplements for a well-known manufacturer. Let me know, If you have any other good quotes, post them in the comments, I will create some graphics and put them on the blog.

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