Everyone seems to agree that infidelity is just about the worst thing that can happen in a romantic relationship. Jealousy is a complicated topic with a lot of moving parts – it is an interpersonal situation that involves the jealous individual, his or her relational partner, and a potentially threatening rival. A reader submitted the following question: How have researchers operationalized infidelity in the past? Have you ever found yourself glancing at your partner’s email, searching his or her browser history, reading your partner's texts, or even checking his or her pockets?

The recent scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York (the guy who "accidentally" sent provocative photos of himself to attractive young females over Facebook and Twitter) has become a media sensation.
Christopher Lee, a married New York state congressman, sent a shirtless photograph of himself in response to a Craigslist personal ad. Not to be outdone by his fellow New York politician, Anthony Weiner sent numerous pictures of himself, including one of his crotch, to women other than his wife.
In a previous post, we discussed three possible reasons why Charlie Sheen, one of the most notorious narcissists in the celebrity world, has been so wildly unsuccessful when it comes to his romantic life.

This probably has something to do with the fact that this guy’s last name is, well, hilarious given the nature of the photos he was tweeting, but also because this guy seemed to have it all. Furthermore, the association between power and infidelity is not due to the personalities of successful people, like risk-taking, nor caused by their increased separation from their partners (like business travel).

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