Efron, 27, is set to star in a new 20th Century Fox comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, due for release in July 2016, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Variety reports that casting is still underway for an actor to play the Neighbors star's sibling.
In real life, Efron is still taken as he continues his own romance with Sami Miró, a stylist and model. OverviewPhilip is a British widower unhappily living in Denmark who travels to Italy to witness the marriage of his long estranged son, Patrick.

Thing get tricky for the duo after they post online dating ads seeking guests to the big event and Efron's goes viral.
18 birthday with a trip to Europe and were seen "making out like crazy" at a Halloween party in October.
He meets up with an equally unhappy married woman named Ida who is undergoing treatment for cancer and has just discovered that her husband is a cheating liar.
Philip and Ida begin their own affair even though on the surface they appear to not have much in common.

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