I have a God-sized hole in my heart but I’ve been trying to fill that hole with a marriage-sized cork or a man-sized puzzle piece. Neither of these were meant to fill the hole so they aren’t going to fill the emptiness. Until we realize that only God will fulfill us, we will live our lives searching for satisfaction and completion in all the wrong places.
They go out in search of a drink of water with broken hearts and cracked cups; and they wonder why they never seem to have enough to satisfy.
Their wandering hearts cannot find rest until they find the ‘more’ they have always wanted, the ‘more’ that is just beyond their grasp, the ‘more’ that will just end up leaving them empty, the ‘more’ they think they will find in things of this world; they are not content with the One who is enough.

Don’t be like the Israelites, constantly searching for fulfillment in cheap substitutes when the real deal is right before your eyes. We can choose to fill it with our desire for a relationship, our longing for a specific career, our group of friends, our greed for more possessions or more money . Perfect post for today cause everything I’ve read to day was about satisfaction in Jesus alone! However, during this time I (to my great shame) allowed peer pressure at a camp I was attending to push several boundaries that I now regret deeply. Like I’m a puzzle waiting for that last piece to be put in its rightful spot so the masterpiece can be finished.

He fulfills us, satisfies our desires, and takes away the emptiness that we’ve been living with for far too long.

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