There are dating sites for everyone these days.A One of the more obscure onesA is Awake Dating, a new site exclusively for conspiracy theorists. It's for people who have "woken" (not to be confused with "woke," which usuallyA describes people who are aware of social justice issues). The beta version of Awake Dating launched on April 13, followed byA a series of short YouTube ads. When you go to the home page, it looks like any other dating site, except for some weirdly ominous images. After members join, "the administration" sends a message that reads, "We are welcoming you to our website.
When you click "People" at the top,A you can browse through all of the site's members with the option to filter by location, gender, or interest. Fidden imagines the site as a judgment-free zone for people who hold non-mainstream beliefs.
But with a little help from Awake Dating,A truthers and theorists can be their real selves a€” and maybe even find true love.

Like dating, a human endeavor frought with uncertainty, reward, and high turnover, hiring has a habit of taking all the theories and recommendations you have about a candidate (or, from the other side, the company) and emptying them unceremoniously into the nearest garbage can.
Langston says the company will try to slow down the rate of job-hopping, similar to what they did with divorce. Before you can get to personality, you need to start with resumes, says Bright, who combed through 2 million of them (and 15 million job descriptions) to sculpt their algorithmic Bright Score, which matches skillset and experience to position.
The Brightscore doesn’t take personality questions into account, says chief scientist David Hardtke, who says that personality characteristics can reduce competitiveness of applicants. Founded in 2011, jobFig uses the five-factor model of personality to measure compabililty between pre-existing teams and potential hires. Specializing in interpersonal dynamics, the Mountain View startup tracks leadership and work styles. At a fundamental level, when two people sit down to an interview, it's two humans trying to figure out if they like each other. Even if there was nontrivial demographic diversity across race or gender, there remained a more fundamental homogeniety of culture or personality.

He chalks the turnover rate up to superficial assessments of job fitness for both employee and employer, leading to fundamental disconnects and leaving employees feeling underappreciated.
His company, EmployInsight, is aiming to change that by allowing you to profile your work along a psychological dimension, both by assessment engine and matching algorithms, and in doing so helping to cure that psychological blindspot (for a consumer-facing idea of how this works, check out StrengthsInsight).
Using jobFig, you can take the 100 people who applied to your last posting and reduce the number to those that will get along with the team—and then interview them. Using their personality mapping tech, the startup can measure where there's a leadership vacuum or a lack of implementers.
VP of customer experience Grant Langston tells Fast Company that they'll probably bring a product to market next year, though at present the effort is being developed by four full-time employees and a gaggle of consultants.
Using their personality data crunching, the qualitative ambiguities of team cohesion grow more quantitative and actionable—similarly to the other startups in the prehire assessment space.

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