Have you received an email message from ‘Gmail’ because your email address has been selected to win a prize? The practice is known as lottery fraud and involves scammers trying to persuade recipients to disclose personal information. Criminals often ask for an advance payment – to cover what they variously describe as taxes, legal fees, bank fees, etc. This type of scam is a variant of the so-called Nigerian fraud which involves unsolicited messages demanding up-front payments.
Have you won a prize in the ‘‘online kerstmis loterij” (Online Christmas Lottery) even if you haven’t even bought a ticket?
Not only phishing emails vary greatly in layout and style, emails about lotteries too look very different every time.
The BankGiro Loterij has been used by fraudsters who try to cheat people out of their money through lottery fraud.

A lottery scam or sweepstake scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification or telephone call promising a large sum of money in a lottery.
Never pay up to be able to claim a prize: no legitimate lottery will ever demand up-front payments. Be aware that Google never sent this Free Lottery Gmail Promotions message ; it’s the work of cyber criminals. The scammers may use names or other data from an authentic lottery, but they often think up names themselves.
You won’t get a prize; the scammers are just after your personal details, which they will happily use to commit identity fraud. In their dreams, that is because this is the latest in a series of lottery and sweepstakes scams inspired by the World Cup football. It is very small and simply to use, Change software speed (such as games or movies) and change your feeling.

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