Every wood fence we install in Fort Worth comes standard with #1 Grade Western Red Cedar Pickets, which is of higher quality of wood than is used by many fence companies in Fort Worth. Lifetime Fence Company delivers the some of the highest quality fences in the fencing industry. Our expert pressure wash and staining professionals in Fort Worth can bring your old fence back to life! Wrought iron fences are decorative and functional, and the ideal fence for the customer who wants unlimited options for customization. Following Plan Review, it is possible the final approval will be subject to other department’s approval as well.
The height of any fence shall be measured from the highest adjacent grade parallel to the fence to the highest point of the fence or any gate..
Fences that are required to be constructed pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance shall be constructed with materials allowed in Section 5.305. The finished sides of fences that are adjacent to a freeway or arterial street shown on the Master Thoroughfare Plan must face the right-of-way.
Front Yard = A yard across the full width of a lot extending from the street to the largest required setback of either the required, established, platted building line or projected front yard. Front Yard Fence and fences in projected front yards – no taller than 4’, no solid fencing, no chain link, 50% open (5.305 B).
A customer can apply for a special exception with Board of Adjustment to allow a solid fence or wall up to 4’ in height. A customer can apply for a variance with the Board of Adjustment for a fence exceeding 5’in the required or projected front yard or over 8’ in all other residential lot yards.
No special exception or variance is needed if the front yard fence is shorter than 4’ and the corner lot fence is less than 2’ in POSE. Chain link fences offer the most economical option available for residential and commercial use.
Lifetime Fence & Roofing Company in Fort Worth provides professional fence repair and gate repair services for virtually every type of fence in Fort Worth TX including metal fences, iron fences, and wood fences.
As a locally owned and operated family Fence Company in Fort Worth, we strive everyday to create relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. Call us today for all of your Fort Worth, TX New Fence Construction and Fence Repair needs! Cedar Wood fences are the fence of choice in Mansfield, TX due to their ability to stand up to the harsh Texas weather. As a locally owned and operated family business, we strive everyday to create relationships with our customers that last a lifetime. Click Here To Meet the Lifetime Roof and Fence Company Family, and know who is coming to your house! Whether your needs are privacy, security, or both, Lifetime Fence Company, serving Flower Mound, offers many options to give your new wood fence a beautiful design, increase curb appeal, and add to the value of your home.
Lifetime Roofing and Fence Company works hard to make sure that your roof is in good condition any time of the year, hot or cold. Providing wood fences, wrought iron fences and fence repair to Flower Mound, Texas Communities including within the zip codes: 75022, 75028 and 75029. Before selecting a type of fence, Lifetime Fence & Roofing Company recommends reviewing the City of Flower Mound fence requirements and restrictions. Using a high quality cedar wood help our fences to last longer and maintain their beauty for years to come.

Our wood fence installation crews only build fences, unlike many companies who use the same crews for all the services provided by the company. By using trained, dedicated fence craftsman we are able to efficiently install beautiful wood fences custom designed for your property. When built and installed correctly by one of our professionals, iron fences increase curb appeal to the home while also providing security and safety, especially around pools. Handrails of today are more than just functional, as they can be custom designed to suit the taste of Fort Worth residents. Chain link fencing is as economical as it is durable, hence the reason so many people choose to enclose their yards and businesses with chain link fence. Lifetime Fence Company uses the finest materials and workmanship to create a beautiful, sturdy fence.
Handrails of today are more than just functional, as they can be custom designed to suit the taste of Mansfield residents.
Lifetime Roof and Fence Company is your local fence and roofing company, providing one-on-one customer service. Lifetime Fence Company uses only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create a beautiful, sturdy fence custom installed to accent your home. Quality workmanship increases curb appeal while functioning commonly as deck fences, railings, pool fences, yard fences and garden fences.
The automatic gates that we custom build at Lifetime Fence Company are attractive and designed to not only add curb appeal to your home, they also provide privacy, security, and ease of access. We are proud of the reputation that we have earned in Flower Mound by providing quality service and putting our customers first. Whether you want your wood fence to slope with the grade of the ground, or be completely level on top, or stairstep with the slope, we can accommodate your preferences. If you are not sure, our fence specialists can discuss the options with you in detail during your initial consultation. 9153, 1, 1-24-84, Section 23-2, which states that up to three strands of barbed wire shall be permitted on top of a six-foot-high security type fence, provided the barbed wire is upright or projecting over the owner’s property and not over abutting property. Chain Link fence can be easily transformed into a semi-privacy fence with polyethylene slats. All of our fences are built with the exceptional quality that is expected of a Lifetime Fence. We don’t just build high quality fences, we build Lifetime Relationships with our customers and our community.
From basic, functional wood fences to extravagant custom fences, we offer wood fencing options to fit your budget!
Patios also provide a great surface to set up tables, chairs, and other furniture to relax in the outdoors. Said fences and walls should be a minimum of four feet (4’) in height and may be required to have masonry or stone columns measuring a minimum of 24” x 24” with monolithic tops. Builder-grade fences that come standard with most homes are made from an inexpensive treated pine. We take pride in our work and pay high attention to details to make sure your wood fence is carefully constructed one board at a time with the same level of pride that we know you have in your home. Our commitment to customer service is how we have earned our reputation that we are so proud of as one of the best fence repair companies in Fort Worth! With Lifetime Roof and Fence, the customer service representative that you meet with initially will exclusively handle your project and will be available to you to answer any questions from start to completion of your project, and even after! Our roofers are dedicated to making sure your roof replacement is as quick and smooth as possible, with little inconvenience to you.

We believe so strongly in the quality of our product, that we stand behind every fence we build with our Lifetime Warranty. Known for it’s strength, durability, and longevity, chain link fences are a sound choice for residential and commercial use.
We specialize in new fence construction, roofing, fence and gate repair, decks, arbors, and pergolas. We will work directly with your insurance company to make this process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Lifetime Fence & Roofing Company in Fort Worth TX offers great quality chain link fences for great pricing and professional installation. Lifetime Roof and Fence offers cedar fencing, along with other wood fence and metal fences. This definition does not include any fence allowed under the Town’s Urban Design Plan or any five-foot fence allowed under Section 98- 1142(b). Perimeter Fence Standards Any perimeter fence found to be in violation of subsection 14-541(3) must be repaired or replaced, as applicable, in conformity with the standards set forth below.
In addition, any new perimeter fence shall be constructed in conformity with the standards set forth below. Perimeter fence repair, replacement and construction must meet the following minimum standards: 1. Fences shall be a minimum of six-feet (6’) in height and a maximum of eight-feet (8’) in height. The style of the fence shall be board on board, with a nominal size one by four (1”x4”) trim board at the top of the fence. Fences located within front yard setbacks must be constructed of tubular steel and may not exceed four-feet in height. Vertical posts shall be spaced at no greater than eight-feet on center, set a minimum of eighteen-inches (18”) deep into two-foot (2’) deep, ten-inch (10”) diameter concrete post footings. The fence pickets shall be attached to the horizontal rails running from vertical post to post as described in paragraph 4 below. All nails or fasteners shall be of non-rusting, non-corrosive metal such as hot-dipped galvanized steel. All materials shall be securely fastened, vertical pickets to horizontal rails, rails to vertical posts, trim board to top rail, to ensure an ongoing attractive appearance and safe condition, free from rot, rust, vandalism, and other sources of decay.
A nominal size two-inch by six-inch (2”x6”) kick board shall be used to cover the gap between bottom of pickets and ground. This kick board may have ground contact; however, the kick board may not impede drainage patterns or create a gap of more than two-inches (2”) above grade.
Posts and rails must be placed on the inside of the fence so that they are not facing a street.
The top of the barrier must be at least forty-eight inches (48”) above grade measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool. The maximum vertical clearance between the grade and the bottom of the barrier must be two inches (2”) measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool.

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