Choosing old fashioned baby names is a trend parents are following today in an effort to find a name that's unique and appealing for their new baby. You can find lists of old fashioned names generated by many of the popular online sites that provide tools to look up names along with their meanings and origins.
Along with finding names within literature itself, you can also consider the names of authors from another era. The trend toward using old fashioned names is reflective of parents trying to set their children apart.
Here are some of the trendier popular names more commonly used today that are also considered old fashioned. One thing to remember when choosing a name from the bible is that you want people to be able to pronounce it.
As names data from the Social Security Administration shows, many parents have recently been choosing names popular in years long gone by—vintage names from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s—that eventually fell out of style. Today's parents are turning to these old fashioned monikers as well as other unusual names in an effort to give their child a unique name that's beautiful and yet different from other children born within the same time frame.

Your own family tree may hold the very gem you're looking for in the name of a great-great grandparent. Whatever your reason for searching for an old fashioned name for your baby, you have plenty to choose from.
Old-fashioned names are cool again—retro is so now.The names that are back are traditional and familiar, yet sound fresh. However, if you want your baby's name to really be different, take note of the old fashioned names that have become trendy and avoid them.
So if you’re pregnant, find one you like and start taking mental notes for future siblings.All of the boys’ and girls’ names here popped up on the SSA’s list one or more times in the years noted above, and then fell out of favor, either dropping off the list entirely or falling significantly—until the last decade. And a positive association with famously beautiful ladies, actress Watts and supermodel Campbell, enhances its appeal. Also a common old-fashioned choice back in the day, it fell completely out of fashion, but it’s now a cute choice on the rise. While it may not be hunkering down in the Top 100, it’s made a huge leap in just the last three years.

And with flower and nature names becoming ever more popular, we bet more of an upswing is still in store. A positive association with Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t hurt, but the name stands on its own, as the SSA growth reflects. Sophisticated, and with that alluring “a”-letter ending, it’s a stylish choice that will take an adventurous little girl easily into adulthood.
Speaking of adventurous, don’t forget the famous namesake here: American heroine and aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart. Stella manages to balance refinement and sass, and has a talented namesake in British designer Stella McCartney.

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