While pictures are nice, you have to see the Pyramids, Sphinx, and the statues at Abu Simbel to grasp the size.
NOTE: Even though places like Egypt sound fun and exotic, most of my friends and relatives would have been extremely uncomfortable there. Jan 12, Wednesday, Cairo: Citadel and Mohammud Ali Mosque, Mosques of Sultan Hassan, Mosque of Al Rifal, Christian and Jewish Quarters, lunch buffet on a river boat, Cairo Museum, including King Tut exhibit, Mummy room, Dinner on the Nile Pharaoh Cruise boat.
Jan 13, Thursday, Cairo: Pyramids at Giza, Cheops Solar Boat Museum, the Great Sphinx, stuff at Memphis.

Jan 14, Friday, Aswan: After dropping luggage on our Nile riverboat, visit Aswan High Dam, Lotus Monument, Philae Island, quarry with unfinished obelisk, perfume factory, evening Sound and light show on Philae Island.
Jan 17, Monday, Nile: Deir al-Madina, Valley of Queens, Valley of Kings, including 3 tombs and King Tut's tomb. The British Clock Tower in the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, in the Citadel in Cairo.The tour guide told us the clock doesn't work, and has never worked. These pages may be freely linked to, but may not be duplicated in any manner without the author's express consent.

On April 7th, 2005, a terrorist killed 3 tourists in the Al-Azhar bazaar in Old Cairo, where I sat drinking Turkish coffee. Some other tourists were taking pictures with phones everywhere, regardless of restrictions.

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