We will going to Utah to see family soon and want to take the NC and CB this trip instead of the DS bikes. The snatch block connects on the eyebolts and then the cable can run back towards the back of the truck close to the centerline of where the bike is to be parked.
Of course, on YouTube, there's plenty of entertaining examples of how NOT to load your bike. You would not believe how many times I have seen folks drive their motorcycle and ATV though the back window of their pickup over the years. In 1959, my wife Harriett and I decided to move to Hawai‘i, so we left our two children with a babysitter and came to Honolulu to look for a house. In 1960, Harriett, my two sons, Bob and Phil, and I started surfing the spots off the Sans Souci and soon met Floyd Bendickson, who lived nearby in the Tropic Seas. But the just-opened hotel on a man-made island in the middle of the Solent is taking guest reservations. Located on the straight that separates the Isle of Wight from mainland England, the hotel is accessible by boat via Portsmouth.
Anderson MK (1996) The ethnobotany of deergrass, Muhlenbergia rigens (Poaceae): its uses and fire management by California Indian tribes. I bought a ATV winch from HF and fabricated a mounting bracket to mount the winch to the bed of the truck.
I bought some rope and made two short rope slings to connect to the forks as a pulling point. Also, for some reason some folks just do not use the rear bumper ties, this will always lead to a mishap. When we didn't have any luck finding something we liked, Harriett left early to get back to the kids, and I spent my last day in Waikiki.

Floyd and I became surfing buddies, and we often surfed Tongg's and Old Man's, although it wasn't named yet.
With 23 rooms, the hotel can accommodate not only overnight guests, but day visitors and events. No Mana€™s Fort includes two helicopter pads, a nightclub, laser tag, games rooms, snooker room, meeting space, rooftop hot-pool, glass- floored lighthouse, gallery restaurant, wine bar and spa facilities. Kind of scary doing that since it is a seep angle and you have drive almost to the back of the trailer before it will flip down. As I walked on the beach in front of the Royal, Charlie Amalu came up to me and asked if I'd like to help him paddle an outrigger canoe. At that time, there was a surfer named Oscar Teller who was always out there, and he would sit for hours, often from morning till night, waiting for the best waves. Being able to just concentrate on balancing the bike without having to use throttle or brake does make it easy. All the parts needed to connect the winch to the truck and operate the winch and are in the box as well. A bodybuilder with an excellent physique, the beachboys immediately named him "Oscar" after the statuette given out for the Academy Awards in Hollywood, and that was the name he used for the rest of his life. Sometimes he carried a plastic bag of bananas with him, so he wouldn't have to come in for lunch.
In 1958, Teller moved into a cottage behind the Sans Souci condominium and started surfing Old Man's.
Charlie was one of the old-time beachboys, and he was helping to show some condominium units in the Sans Souci, which had just been built.
Oscar was a wonderful guy, a quiet, calm, and gentle person, and he rode a long hollow board.

The CB500X weighs in at 430# and I hate to admit it but I was afraid if either one started to tip while I was stepping into the truck I might drop it.
During the early 1960s, Ralph Sallee and Floyd Bendickson, two younger friends who surfed with him, began calling the site Old Man's and the name stuck. He was older than us, so Floyd referred to him as the "old man," and if we were out at Tongg's and we'd see Oscar, Floyd would always say, "That's the old man's surf." Naturally we started calling the spot Old Man's, but that was pretty much just our name until 1964.
He had a wide ATV ramp and we found a ditch he could back the truck into so the tailgate was almost even with the road.
We paddled to the former pier at Sans Souci Beach, and I walked through the building with them.
That's when the Outrigger Canoe Club moved from its old location on Waikiki Beach to its present one.
One thing he did that I thought was really a good idea, he tied a rope from the middle of the ramp to his trailer hitch so the ramp couldn't slide away from the truck. Until then we hadn't thought about living in a condo, but when I saw the view and the surf offshore, I told Charlie I would buy two units. When the Outrigger surfers heard us calling the spot Old Man's, they picked up the name and started using it themselves, and that's when the name Old Man's was really established.

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