Living in society often places its demands on us, trying to make us conform to accepted norms of behavior and adhere to a certain code of conduct. Earlier, living together was frowned upon, but nobody blinks an eye any longer if you happen to be living in. Yet in our subconscious, we often wonder what is the lure of an older woman for a younger guy and vice versa? Older women tend to bring a wealth of experience with them, both in matters of the head and heart. Older women also tend to have already fulfilled their expectations of the American dream, complete with white picket fence, two kids and a dog. Naturally, they've got more stamina physically and are probably more into having fun than older men.
Younger men often have no compunctions about moving in with the older lover, sharing their accommodation and their life.
Many such relationships, with the woman eight or ten years older than the man, or more, have met with astounding success. The two individuals involved should have chemistry and should click on a fundamental level.
It is only our preconceived notions which dictate that women should be in relationships only with slightly older men or that two individuals should be in more or less the same age bracket. They've been-there-done-that, and can sometimes offer valuable advice to a younger beau on how to conduct himself in a difficult situation, or even a career move.

They are often not as driven by ambition, and are already comfortably perched at a certain point on their career path. They have a certain wisdom about them that is highly attractive to younger men, who are sometimes reeling from nasty breakups or just emotionally adrift. Now, with celebrities like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher popularizing the older woman, younger man relationship, it will probably be seen as a trend-setting norm.
There are many older women, younger men relationships that have worked and been as successful as any other relationship.
They can offer a certain perspective that comes only with having crossed certain bridges in life. Unlike younger women, they don't feel the need to compete and prove a point, or have that drive to climb the corporate ladder.
So their expectations of a relationship tend to be less complicated, more focused on the emotions and comfort of being together.
They tend to be less stodgy than their older counterparts, and less predictable too, which makes it exciting. With the older woman, it might be the adventure and thrill of having a younger companion, which reassures her that she is still attractive. Where once a certain behavior is treated as unacceptable, over time, views become more liberal and it becomes acceptable. This is more conducive to a relationship, both in terms of the quality, and quantity of time they have to offer.

Men rarely find this quality in women of the same age group, as they tend to be more preoccupied with their own careers, motherhood, children's problems etc. They find the mind games that younger women play in relationships are rarely there with older women and that is a relief. Whatever the reasons or the motivation, there are certain basic things that should be sorted out.
If the woman's biological clock has run out or she no longer wants kids in the future, such issues should be ironed out.
Research shows that these women often display formidable prowess sexually and younger men are drawn by the promise of what they have to offer between the sheets.
When two individuals decide to make it work and are committed to the relationship, there is nothing that can come in the way, least of all a decade or two!
There is no pressure on the man to support the relationship single-handedly or bear the financial burden.

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