A site-safety sign at a highway overpass construction site describing the mandatory safety procedures and equipment.
Construction is the most dangerous land-based work sector in Europe, after the fishing industry. The problem is not that the hazards and risks are unknown, it is that they are very difficult to control in a constantly changing work environment. The leading safety hazards on site are falls from height, motor vehicle crashes, excavation accidents, electrocution, machines, and being struck by falling objects.
Fall protection can be provided by guardrail systems, safety net systems, personal fall arrest systems, positioning device systems, and warning line systems. All employees should be trained to understand the proper way to use these systems and to identify hazards. Before any excavation has taken place, the contractor is responsible for notification of all applicable companies that excavation work is being performed. No person is allowed to cross underneath or stand underneath any loading or digging equipment. Although construction is one of the worst industries in Europe in terms of safety, there have been, and are, various groups working towards improving construction conditions and safety. This sign and advisory plate penetrated the windshield and roof of a car in a side-impact test crash.
In the United States the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces standards concerning workplace safety and health. Construction Solutions Construction hazards and ways to eliminate and reduce those hazards. Safety climate — is a term commonly used to describe the sum of employees’ perceptions regarding overall safety within their organization. Construction of One World Trade Center — was deferred until 2006 because of disputes between port authority and the developer.

Construction Field Computing — is the use of handheld devices that augment the construction superintendent s ability to manage the operations on a construction site. Construction field computing — is the use of handheld devices that augment the construction superintendent s ability to manage the operations on a construction site. Construction waste — Polyurethane insulator material marked for removal of the construction site (of a residential building).
In the European Union, the fatal accident rate is nearly 13 workers per 100,000 as against 5 per 100,000 for the all sector average (Source: Eurostat). Some of the main health hazards on site are asbestos, solvents, noise, and manual handling activities. The employee or employer will be responsible for providing fall protection systems and to ensure the use of these systems.
It is important to be safety cautious while operation motor vehicles or Equipment on the site. Ramps used by equipment must be designed by a competent person, qualified in structural design.
Construction conditions have improved ten-fold from 15 years ago, and as technology increases, so does the safety and working conditions of construction jobs. A safer sign would have stiffer uprights, no advisory plate and the flashing light would be moved to the point of the sign to spread the impact force. This legislation is transposed into the Member States and places requirements on employers (and others) to assess and protect workers health and safety. In large construction projects, such as this skyscraper in Melbourne, cranes are essential. This material is quite wasteful and alternatives as compressed straw could be better used instead. Motor vehicles shall have a service brake system, emergency brake system, and a parking brake system.

During excavation, the contractor is responsible for providing a safe work environment for employees and pedestrians. Protection is also required when the employee is at risk to falling onto dangerous equipment.
All vehicles must be equipped with an audible warning system if the operator chooses to use it. For example, improperly designed barricades can cause cars that strike them to roll over or even be thrown into the air.
Vehicles must have windows and doors, power windshield wipers, and have a clear view of site from the rear window. Even a simple safety sign can penetrate the windshield or roof of a car if hit from certain angles.
Once a long time a go there were more deaths than ever but these days the death rate has increased more the ever. The majority of death in construction are caused by hazards relating to construction activity. However, many deaths are also caused by no construction activities, such as electrical hazards. A notable example of this occurred when Andy Roberts, a father of four, was killed while changing a light bulb at a construction site when he came into contact with a loose bare wire that was carrying two thousand volts of electricity and died. Events like this motivated the passing of further safety laws relating to non construction activities such as electrical work laws.

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