The process involves 5 phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. 9.Once all the materials for your course have been built, we ask you to review and provide feedback.
Professional Stress Management PowerPoint Presentation in Sound-Show and Non-Sound Training Formats, Including Easy-Use Script  77 Frames, 33 Minutes, Editable with Sound, and available in five training media formats. This program will help EAPs, HR departments, and organizational development professionals reach out to employees and help them feel better today, and have skills for managing stress tomorrow. Sports economics is a course that confronts a conundrum that can be addressed well with an active learning strategy.
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Phase I, Analysis begins after we receive your approved proposal to develop an online course.
Your instructional designer then develops a design document outlining the decisions made during the initial meeting(s). The ELS design team develops a prototype consisting of the interface, navigation system, and examples of interactive learning experiences that will be employed. In Phase IV, Implementation your online course materials are uploaded and tested in the live environment, such as your Blackboard course shell.
After your online course goes live, your instructional designer is available to provide support for the materials that we built. Thank you for viewing this presentation on eLearning Services’ online course development process.

Choose PowerPoint for stand-up presentations or the narrated and animated DVD of the PowerPoint program for large groups.
Get a tool to help employees zap head-pounding, stomach-churning, and mind-imploding stress.
Students find a course in sports economics appealing and enter the course with enthusiasm, but expect to spend the term discussing sports, not economics, and often fail to recognize differences between popular press information and economic knowledge. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to our process for developing your online course. An ELS instructional designer meets with you to discuss the proposal, brainstorm possible online instructional strategies, and determine what learning objects will be built for your course. In this phase, you provide ELS with the initial content, such as a sample PowerPoint lesson, for prototype development. At this point, you need to submit the balance of your content to ELS so we can develop the rest of the materials for your online course. Testing is done by our quality assurance specialists, as well as a sample of the target population if available. This paper explains how the use of a presentation-based sports economics course can be successful at maintaining student interest while promoting economic analysis. It's mission critical, and the number one target for improving morale, increasing productivity, and reducing a string of behavioral risk exposures. The active learning approach of a presentation-based course is also shown to be consistent with fundamental learning principles that generate successful learning outcomes. If you can't answer the question, "What are you doing about stress?", management may already be thinking that you are not doing enough.

We give you six options to meed the goal.With the Web Course Option, You Can Go Beyond Brown-Bag PPT Presentation Don't just settle for the brown-bag seminars you used to give, or have someone else doing it.
You can also choose the no sound, manual PowerPoint stress program for live training, especially if being visible to your employees and showing yourself as the company expert is critical to your program's mission and survivability.
Just click "duplicate slide" and add images, text, and your own expertise.Tackle the Right Issues with Your PowerPoint Stress PresentationThis stress management course tackles ten key stress issues employees face from diet and exercise to communication and relationships.
With the EAP version, employees are encouraged to contact the EAP if they are struggling with any particular stress issue. Try the Web Course As mentioned, when you purchase the web course option, we will place your company's logo on the front page of the course if you like--free--at your request (phone 1-800-626-4327 for the free logo imprint option).
With the Web Course Stress Management Training (see the non-PowerPoint Stress Management Course Preview here) We will then send you a platform independent Web course. When you slip the CD into your computer it will run exactly as it does on your Web site so you can preview it.
E-mail the launch link to one employee client or a every employee in the organization, or the organizations you serve.
Does the wording of syllabi affect student course assessment in introductory political science classes?
In Thomas gilovich, dale griffin, and Daniel kahnemann (Ed), Heuristics and biases: The psychology of intuitive judgment (pp.

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