The reality of the situation is that it always seems the perfect person comes around when you’re not looking for them. This month, being the first of the 2014 year, has proven to be a big one in terms of various dating sites and statisticians releasing articles which attempt to analyze and in some instances take advantage of the statistical data being offered by many online dating sites. Within the first few days of the new year, we have seen both Zoosk and PlentyofFish release some online dating statistics pulled from data on their own sites. In addition, the POF blog post here, discusses what the most ideal traits are that prospective date seekers are looking for in a relationship for both men and women. This article in Wired featured mathematician Chris McKinlay who after much frustration with online dating decided to start analyzing the data of OkCupid.
In addition to the articles above, we also had a few online dating economics related podcasts this month distributed by the insightful NPR Planet Money podcast and one by the Freakonomics podcast which you can listen to in the embedded audio players below. Since we are on the topic of dating statistics this month, it made sense to highlight a blog that I pay a lot of attention to and that is the Breaking the Online Dating Sound Barrier blog by Fernando Ardenghi linked to above.

I highly recommend checking out his blog and reading up on some of his posts which outlines the many flaws in the current dating matching algorithms.
Not surprisingly those traits are mostly superficial, involving high salaries and good looks. Essentially, he looked at the questions portion of the site and grouped women by certain traits and how likely they would be to be attracted to him. In addition, he also working on developing his own style matching algorithm which is focused on strict personality similarity which he calls the Life Project Method.
Subsequently, I discovered that approximately 131,000 marriages are the result of an online date. By determining which groups would be more likely to date him, he was able to increase his efficiency by ignoring women that didn’t fall into his preferred demographics.
I think her confidence lacks a bit (it totally shouldn’t), and she gets discouraged too easily after overanalyzing the hell out of everything that happened (sound like anyone you know?).

She goes from one online date to the next, and whereas she is totally out of these guys’ leagues, she ends up empty-handed and disappointed. Your odds are so low that you can hardly see them on the graph; your chances of finding your soul mate via an online dating site are less than one percent. And worst of all, she’s worried about what is expected of her physically before she even goes out for the first time!
In fact, you have only have a 0.0013% chance of getting hit by lightning, which is only 5000 times better. She has pure intentions and would legitimately like to meet someone who has the same interests and beliefs as she does.

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