The appearance of contraction was not quite normal, there was no sender address, recipient address was also handwritten in capital letters. This Baby Feeding Schedule Template is a very simple spreadsheet that you can modify to suit you and your baby's needs.
Other activities that you may want to track using the Baby Schedule may be play time, tummy time, medicine, pumping, bath time, mood, etc.
Using a baby feeding schedule or diary is a very important for monitoring the health of your baby. Obviously the main reason for the baby feeding schedule is to record when you feed your baby and for how long or how many ounces. If you are bottle feeding, you should record how many ounces she drinks each time by writing 2.5 oz or 3 oz, etc. See references [1] and [2] below for information about how much milk a newborn, infant, 1-month old, 2-month old, 3-month old, etc. On the Baby Schedule that lists the times, you can track your baby's sleep schedule very easily by just adding an X during the periods when she's asleep, or drawing an arrow to show the start and stop times.
Keeping a record of your baby's sleep schedule is not just about health, but also about trying to figure out the baby's habits and getting the baby to eventually sleep through the night. It is important to track the number of wet and dirty diapers that your infant has, particularly through the newborn’s first month, to ensure your baby is getting enough milk and is not dehydrated.
If your baby requires medicine, you can use the chart to record when it was given and how much. If you are like us and have had problems in the past with your baby gaining weight, you might want to buy or borrow a postal scale (a scale for adults doesn't work as well for infants - not accurate enough) to keep in your home so that you don't have to spend the money going to the doctor more often.
Our baby schedule doesn't include a column for the baby's weight, but you can simply record the weight in the comments column.

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Carolina has put a flourish in the register, took the envelope and thanked the messenger, closing the door. Carolina quickly penetrated the packaging and found her inside the oblong box wrapped in shiny gold paper thin. So, if you don't have Excel or OpenOffice, you can simply download these printable versions.
We used this spreadsheet to create both the printable baby feeding chart as well as the general baby schedule.

You can attempt to add columns to the spreadsheet, or indicate these types of things in the comments column. On the baby feeding chart, there is no column for indicating sleep, but you can record your baby's sleep schedule by writing the start time and the length of time in the comments field. The baby feeding schedule doesn't include a column for medicine, but you can either include it in the comments column or add a new column using the baby schedule template.
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There are so many details to keep track of, it is easy to forget when you last fed your baby or changed her diaper. Our Baby Schedule template is meant to relieve some stress in any parent's life by allowing the parent to clearly mark all of the baby's activities on one simple sheet. So, it can function as a baby feeding schedule and a baby sleep schedule all at the same time. The puppy has it's paw resting on the ball, and both the puppy and the ball are sitting on the grass (of a football pitch).

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