Let's say you've got a spreadsheet documenting the year's performance for the 120 people in your company, one sheet for each person.
So you make a list of the projects that references a cell range in a sheet called Projects, say, and all you need to do is update that one cell range to make all the lists update. If the range is in a different sheet, add the absolute sheet reference in front, like this. I know that this kind of thing can be done with a database, but I was hoping that I would not have to set up a whole database just for a little bit of information. Is there a way to populate the dropdown list from a database created in base rather than from other sheet in the same file? 2 Share on Facebook Email Print Share on Facebook Print Email For windows users, using PowerPoint to create slideshow presentations for business purposes or teaching activities at school is a very common thing to do, but behind it all, there are many people are downloading full version of Microsoft Office via torrent, and of course it’s illegal. As we know, Microsoft Office is a one of the most popular office suite for everyone, including me, and we also know that the cost of original MS office is very expensive. Kingsoft Presentation is best presentation application that allows you to easily create slideshow presentations, this application has a really good user interface, feature-rich application, support PPT file type and completely free, perfect for beginner who seeking a freeware alternative to microsoft powerpoint.

IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations is free powerpoint alternative that allow you to create beautiful graphic presentations. You can create presentations from scratch or use the presentation templates for a variety of looks. Base - Database Calc - Spreadsheet Draw - Drawing program used to create logos and flow charts. They're summarizing what they've done this year, and you want them to list the projects they've worked on.
Previous entries in those spreadsheets containing entries no longer in the list do not change.
If you define a range as Income and another range as Expenses, then you can type the formula =Income-Expenses and get the same result as for instance A5-A6. If on the Sheet2 I have only 10 records, in the cell with dropdown menu to appear on ly this 10 choises, not 100, 90 of which are empty. The software is compatible with all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and Linux. Impress - Presentation program Math - Allows a user to create scientific formulas and equations.

Anytime you can reference some text, rather than embedding it in the formatting, it's good. That way, if you select, say, the project name from the drop down box, the adjacent cell would automatically fill in the project leader. OpenOffice uses a dual-licensing scheme for source code contributions, is freely available to all users, and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office.
Im putting each month on a seperate sheet, and for each month I would like a drop down calendar-month so that I can select the date the bill arrived. Howeve, you don't want to have those projects typed in that dropdown list because then if you change it, or use this spreadsheet next year, you'll have to correct the list 120 times.

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