Papa John's tends to keep their limited-time pizza offerings around for about two months or so. The pizza was first introduced in 2011, and features spicy Italian sausage, sweet sausage, smoked sausage, green and red peppers, and onions with Italian herb seasoning.
If you're in an area where Papa John's "Early Week Mania" promotion is running, you can score the same for $8.99 from Monday through Thursday.
The Tampa group thought they had a clean-cut solid deal in place knowing that a majority of the  American League franchise ownership was poised and ready to approval their deal and move to Florida.
Sweeping Seattle would not push the Rays into playoff consideration, but the confidence and stride as they headed back home could help them face their home field demons with more vitality.

Exposing Jennings to MLB caliber pitching with 10 days left could persuade someone to take a risk or gamble on a guy who might not be considered the best outfielder even on his Triple-A squad. Friedman has taken a system that was not in shambles but uncoordinated at times and turned it into a fine tuned concerto.

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