I wrote this after I got a phone call from my husband who is serving time in a state prison. I met my husband after seeing him on MSNBC's "Lockup." I write him letters and poetry every single day. Subscribe by Email for your weekly emotional release with our Loving, Healing and Touching poetry and quotes!
I encourage all of you who love a man(or woman for that matter) who is behind prison walls, love on them, write often, send lots of pictures, accept their phone calls-put a limit on them though because they can really add up. I can relate to every female who is going through the struggles of being with a man that is in prison. He sometimes feels so insecure that I am not waiting for him, but I will wait for him until the end of time, he is my life. I also send him activities that I've created, and he loves playing "Question & Answer" with me. So I write daily sometimes more than 1 letter, I send tons of pictures,poems and different tokens of love.
I'm over 65, and my Darling will die in prison, he's already been there over 30 years, but that doesn't make me love him any less. Put money on their books if you can, go see them as often as you can, but above all, hang in there with them! My man has been incarcerated since 2010 he did 2 yrs in jail before he was transferred to state prison 3 to 4 hrs from Huntsville. My husband and I got married August 14, 2015 and he got arrested for a probation violation September 8. It is exactly everything I feel for my husband Phil who is also in Jail, but thankfully he is only doing 16 months, but Here in Scotland he only does half of his sentence.
My daughter turned 8 this year and we will wait forever for him to be complete as a family.
Like what the others said, people are ready to judge and say we are stupid for holding on and waiting for someone who is incarcerated but they will not know what we are going through or why we do what we do until they are in our shoes. We knew the day would be coming when he would eventually have to go to jail and face his consequences. Raising them on my own has been hard and I know God is so big and I pray for a miracle everyday to receive a call from my husband but not a collect call, but a call to tell me come and pick me up!!!! I'm pregnant with my husband's child, after two miscarriages, and he's been locked up a couple months now, but is possibly facing a few years, I hope it's ok that I send him a copy of this poem.
We got together in June and we were so happy I'm a single mom of 2 kids and he loves my kids and my kids love him. This poem made me cry, it's so beautiful and true, no-one truly understands what it's like until they have been there themselves!

I always try to stay positive and encourage him to never give up, laws change all the time.
I made a life time commitment to him and I intend to keep it until death does in fact do us part. I love reading poems like this because it uplifts me and helps me realize that I'm not the only one going through this.
I love him with all my heart and I wish I would've gotten pregnant so we would have something to hold us together.
We have been through A LOT together in these two years but no matter what I have always remained, committed and loyal to him, even during the times we were apart.
No one will ever understand the struggle and love we have for our true love when they are taken away from us like this. Sometimes life is just numbing until that next phone call, always wondering and worrying how he is doing .. He wasn't even in the state, but because one statement (from the actual person who committed the crime) and a look at his 9 year old prior he was offered a 10 year plea.
Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". And to remember that he has a wife and extended family, his mother and sisters that love you. Not only that, but he's 800 miles away from me, we don't get to see each other often but when we do we have the most wonderful time together. I have a 2 year old little boy and it gets hard but just seeing his face motivates me to stay strong for my husband.
Nobody gets it though, my friends don't know how I do it and I've lost a few because of it. It's very hard at first but once you're able to go visit and spend 6 hrs with him face to face it's very nice but hard to leave him. I knew the day I fell in love with him no matter what his past was that I wanted to be by his side forever, he had been burned and hurt by his ex wife so bad that he wasn't great with feelings and emotions but now that he is serving 3 years in Prison and I am still by his side, never giving up, he has finally opened up his heart to me completely. By the way this poem was wonderful, all of them are very touching and warms my heart to know someone shares my feelings.
Those few hours in the prison visiting room holding hands, sneaking kisses(yes old folks kiss too) and just talking, make the many months without him all worth it. Our middle child struggles with it the most he's acting out like crazy and it's tough trying to get him to understand. I know 3 years isn't very long compared to other sentences but when you're so used to being able to see or talk to someone anytime you want, to writing letters, waiting for that phone call or visitation day, it seems like an eternity.
I was so happy I went to visit him and gave him the news he was happy but sad because he's there.

She has been locked up since September 26, 2013 an she won't be coming home till this September 2014.
He had no choice but to sign it seeing that it was the best his public defender could do, or so he told us. Kudos to all the ones whose significant other is in for a very long time, it takes a lot of strength and courage to stand by them and ALOT of love. All the guy has to do is say "yes, I gave him the keys to the car I borrowed" and he would be free. It's rough and I lost my way for a bit but I'm glad I turned to god and I will stand by him until the day I'm back in his arms. Just so happens that the guy didn't pay enough to use the car for as long as he had it and he let an innocent person (his best friend!) go down for it. Keep your head up it's gonna go quickly for you and don't worry about haters if you have any. I wish I could tell him I'm sorry and that I love him but because he is a high profile inmate he doesn't get any privileges. I'm trying to stay positive hoping for a good outcome but every one I talk to tells me he will possibly get life.
A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole!
We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves.
I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now? A  For Christ Sake!!A  How about saving the Taxpayers a buck?A  In addition to that $6 million you've already blown by hovering and covering me, and scheduling a proper Face to Base meeting in your office; at my convenience? Dramatic, but no drama.A  Short black skirt, or long black dress?A  Heels or boots?A  Camo, or commando?
Until then, as in the end,there is much more to come.A A A  Once Upon a Time, a little mushroom popped through the moss covered ground of the Southeast Alaska Rainforest.
Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS! HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw?

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