ACROSTIC POEMAn acrostic poem is written by taking a word and using each letter in that word to begin a different line in a poem. I have been wondering how things are going at Chez Sugar Bunny and thinking how different things are for you now than they were a year ago.
If you used my Katy Perry "Firework" lesson with success, I am sure this one will go over well, too. Also, I'll be updating my blog with articles about incorporating new ideas into your curriculum for poetry month.

Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Shakespeare's sonnet makes fun of blason poetry, the poetry that glorifies a female lover by comparing each of her body parts to something beautiful or precious. Of course this brings a tear to my eye, because although we know our kids love us, it isn't that often that they articulate exactly what it is they admire in us.
The kids seem very happy in your pictures and although it must be quite zany there just out of sheer numbers (!) I hope everyone is settled in and thriving.

I use the song "One Thing" to practice poetic devices and the song "What Makes You Beautiful" to discuss theme and interpretation. On behalf of your children (and I am sure they have done this themselves)I thank you and honour you for the unfailing love and support you have provided them through all their troublesome times.

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