After two days of confusion about whether Beyonce had actually named her daughter Blue Ivy (and not Ivy Blue), rapper-dad Jay-Z confirmed his baby girl's name , through song.
While the couple has yet to confirm whether Solnit's words were the inspiration for baby Blue Ivy's name, or just a nice find for parents of a baby named Blue, the sentiment is certainly preferable to a January Twitter trend suggesting that the name associated them with the satanism -- a theory that was later debunked. After what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, Jessica gave birth in May and named her daughter Maxwell Drew -- "Drew" is the singer's mother's maiden name.

And ever since, everyone from fans of the couple to baby name experts, have guessed at what inspired the unique moniker. Beta Test This AMAZING Couple App & Keep it Free For LifeApril 22, 2016 Apps YAAAS!

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