The Poly Life on iOS was designed to help polyamorous families organize their lives and relationships. With more than one million apps on the App Store, you’re bound to come across some interesting creations.
The Poly Life on iOS is a newly released app that’s designed specifically to help polyamorous families manage their relationships.
In general, though, America mostly sees polyamory as taboo, which is the main reason the creators and developers of The Poly Life app plan to remain anonymous — at least for the near future.
The genesis of the app even speaks to the secretive way some poly families feel they have to live. While the calendar function in The Poly Life isn’t too different from any other shared calendar, the app has specific areas for partners to post the rules of their relationship.
The app is meant to be a one-stop shop for poly families to manage their unique lives in a unique way, whether they’re open to the public about it or not. The creators and developers point to the legalization of gay marriage around the country as a big step toward poly families being more regularly accepted, but they say The Poly Life app is meant to be a tool mostly for people to discreetly manage their relationships if they prefer to keep their lifestyle private. The developers also pointed out that the polyamorous lifestyle has become somewhat more mainstream over the years, especially since the popularity of the Showtime series, Polyamory: Married and Dating.
Top 5 Best Hookup Dating Apps for iPhone & AndroidLooking for a great casual dating app? So it’s not OK for you to text them during time with me, but it’s fine for me to remind you of that during your time with them??? So a non-poly developer met a single closeted poly ‘family’ and wrote an app based off their wants?
That is not even niche, in fact a great deal of poly people are likely to find this more offensive than useful. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S.
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Three isna€™t a crowd for this couple: Kamala Devi, Michael McClure and Rachel Rickards are part of a polyamorous a€?poda€™ and have multiple partners and lovers.
Rickards has another boyfriend, Mikey, who lives in Florida, as well as a girlfriend named Thalia.

Devi and McClure previously lived with Tahl and Jennifer, another polyamorous couple, for two years. While the idea of practicing anything but monogamy may come as a shock to some people, experts told ABC News that polyamorous relationships are becoming more and more common, especially with the high divorce rate in the U.S. Devin is Michael McClure and Kamala Devia€™s son, but McClurea€™s live-in girlfriend Rachel, right, also lends a hand.
This change comes from OkCupid’s recent data which revealed a rapid increase in the number of couples interested in entering into polyamorous relationships.
While there are often rules and structures within polyamory that are similar to the concept of swinging (multiple partners, threesomes, etc.), poly relationships are generally understood to be more open to the possibility of emotional connection and romantic motivations.
The difference is that while jealousy in monogamous relationships is treated as an obstacle that can be overcome, many people view jealousy in polyamorous arrangements as a fatal flaw that will ultimately doom the relationship.
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Get up to date black entertainment news and thought provoking editorials from the most insightful and knowledgeable sources online. The Electronic Urban Report not only has the hottest trending headlines, but rich original content with a unique perspective. Make sure to browse the Electronic Urban Report daily to get your fill of the urban news you need to know. One of the newest apps to hit iOS devices is designed to help polyamorous families manage their relationships, and it’s definitely raising some eyebrows. While the app is definitely speaking to a niche audience, the developers think there are enough poly families around the world for the app to gain tremendous momentum.
The app’s lead developer was introduced to a poly family through a friend, and they asked about developing an app that could safely and securely help them manage their relationships. It seems like a simple function, but the developer has learned from poly families that managing three, four, five or more relationships at once can get tricky. However, their hope is that one day no poly family will think they have to keep their lifestyle a secret. He likes video games, sports, sports video games, mobile technology, writing and craft beer. I think these poly fools hating on the app are jealous they didn’t think of it first.

Six months ago, McClure's 27-year-old girlfriend, Rachel Rickards, moved into their San Diego home. Devi is also in a relationship with Roxanne, her girlfriend of two years, and she had a summer fling with one of Michael's coworkers named Jason.
It’s the one topic that comes up every time anybody has ever tried to talk about open relationships. Even though jealousy is often a complicated emotion, the way to deal with it is fairly straightforward: talk it through.
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Don’t miss a single day of important information from the leader of online urban news and entertainment. Why is it okay to rank people and why is it okay to use this for your dumb “rules” instead of using open communication? Polyamory is the exact opposite of cheating, in that if your relationship boundaries say it’s okay to sleep with other people, then there’s been no deception, no lies, and no rules broken. And it’s not without good reason—jealousy is an issue that inevitably develops in any relationship, polyamorous or monogamous. After all, the definition of jealousy—the fear of losing something or somebody that we love—is an obvious (and healthy!) consequence of loving in the first place. Updated with the hottest urban news, African American culture updates, black celebrity news, sports and more daily! Although it is technically considered acceptable to create hybrid words, it is strongly preferred not to mix different lingual roots.
It only makes sense for each individual to have their own personal armory!Three cheers for multiamory and multiarmory!

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