ZamiaSBS are a business design services support company that helps small to medium businesses with their corporate communications. The image shown here is of the logo which is a representation of the succulent leaves of a zamia plant arranged as a series of stage approval ticks. As well as the logo I designed the office collateral for ZamiaSBS and supplied the artwork on CD. Research was also undertaken to find a suitable inkjet-friendly paper stock that lifts the feel of the page above a standard photocopy paper. In 2007 the Beacon IT Group decided to re-launch their image with a new corporate identity, web and print-based sales and marketing materials and update their on-line and printed technical reference materials.
There where two versions of the logo - positive and negative - and these were used to differentiate the parent corporate entity of Beacon IT Group from the sales entity, Beacon IT Australia.
I designed the new logo, corporate and technical support web sites, user forums site, marketing program collateral, technical support sheets, print-based case study sheets and PowerPoint presentation collateral. In 2007 the Beacon IT Group decided to re-brand parts of their business, so the software division needed a new corporate identity to separate it from the primary consultancy side of the business. The brief required a family resemblance, so the Beacon name brand was kept and the software tag was added in a fine lined version of the Beacon Eurostyle name tag. The design requirements were for a horizontal and vertical version of the logo so that it can be used in a number of different design configurations such as in advertising and placement on various different marketing collateral items. The Beacon Software logo itself features a stylised multi-coloured pixelated figure jumping for joy on top of, or to the side of the wordmark depending on the logo's alignment. The colours and square pattern where used in the cover screen for Beacon Software's PowerPoint slide master.
Infoarc was an idea I had to present one aspect of my work with information architecture as a separate service, so I needed a separate brand that wouldn't confuse my graphic design business from my information architecture work.
The idea I wanted to portray was that of a three-dimensional sculpture that seems to encompass the logoa€™s wordmark.
It also had to work with the colours I was using at the time for my graphic design business Top Oa€™ The Ladder Design.
As part of the re-design of the web site for Kerry Davis Real Estate I decided to also bring the company logo and advertising mast-head up to date and make it bolder to complete successfully in the tough real estate classifieds sections of the local and city newspapers. PowerUp Solar provides environmental solutions to the community to promote sustainable living. When they launched their web site they also asked me to design a more striking and evocative logo for use on the web site and on printed collateral such as brochures, letterheads and business cards.
The PowerUp Solar logo was used on a number of office stationery that was provided to the client as electronic artwork so that they could manage the print ordering and production in-house.
Q Print Finishing Services provide lamination, trimming and finishing services for the advertising, exhibition and display industries.

In 2002 I was asked to redesign their corporate identity and provide an external promotional design scheme for the companya€™s head office and main factory. The logo design suggests fast, sharp and accurate work and was used on everything from corporate collateral to signage and promotional samples.
As part of the corporate design project I was also asked to provide artwork for the product display that was to be built inside the companya€™s showroom. The display was made by Q Print Finishing Services as a showcase of their own craft, and I provided the artwork for the display elements. I needed a brand that separated me from my work as a graphic designer so I created the stephenwho brand of fine art prints and built a separate site to show my work. The Manab Seva Mission is situated in West Bengal, India, and needed a logo to go on the web site I was building for them.
A friend who was working at the Mission asked me for assistance and I built a web site in 2009 to help out. The logo needed to be reproducible by a local printer in India as well as look good on the web site, so I made two versions to cover the brief. The guru who ran the mission described the actual design and colour scheme to me and I used BaseCamp and my test server to show the proposed design to him remotely. I worked on the Agenys web and corporate design project in 2005 and created a corporate identity and artwork for all of the associated collateral. The letterhead, business cards and other associated promotional files were produced as electronic files ready for the client to use.
Letterhead was designed to be used as a MS Word template and printed out on a high quality inkjet printer as needed when correspondence was generated by the client on his laptop. It is good to know that by using Aurora 3D Presentation you can export the final work into an EXE file and also to video output files in order to distribute your animation or interactive presentation. You can download a free Trial (72Mb) for 15 days in order to evaluate the product, however the software is not free and once the trial period expired you’d need a license key which cost about $150 in order to continue using the tool.
There are several functionalities available in Aurora 3D Presentation, for example you can produce 3D solutions that incorporate images, text, video, and data in a way that will capture the attention of your audience. The application also offers a collection of free 3D templates and interactive slides that you can use in case you are not a 3D specialist or not so much creative.
It is important to note that the output files cannot be exported to PowerPoint presentations, however you can do the presentation design using this product and then export the 3D output to a video format.
You’ve seen lots of highly successful product launch videos lately from highly successful internet marketers that produce highly profitable results. Use these images in PowerPoint (or any other presentation software package like OpenOffice Impress) to create your slide show presentations. And…because they are Transparent PNG graphics – you can use them on any color background and they look great!

Folks…this is how the pros make awesome, high converting Sales & Product Launch videos! Just drop them in, resize and place them wherever you want to add some visual interest to whatever your text is about. With over 100 images to choose from you can almost always find something relevant to your topic to give your work a professional flare. Adding interesting visuals is easy when you have a library of images to simply drop into your HTML or posts. Import them into Camtasia Studio and use them as Custom Callouts to add a totally professional touch to your screencast videos!
Using creative images in your ebooks and videos and as eye-catching content for your website or blog is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to impress and engage your viewers. The staff at Zamia uses an Epson printer that allows them to print right to the edge of the page, giving the page a rich verdant quality.
It also incorporated work from my three previous shows back to 1998, and samples of the work I have done more recently. This tool helps you to design business presentations and 3D product slideshow including touchscreen interactive presentations and 3D animation video.
While designing your 3D Presentation you have complete control over element positions, rotate objects, add special effects, shadows and styles and also control the background music while playing. This 3D collection of templates and styles can really speed up the process of creating new 3D.
How about the interesting 3D character people that grab attention,  spark interest, and engage you as a viewer! You can pick up a pack of these ready-to-use, high resolution graphics for less than the cost of a large pizza. Just simply contact us within 30 days and we will immediately give you a prompt refund with no questions asked. If you purchase 3D Graphics Characters now, I’ll throw in another 5 Bonus Images to help build your graphics library even faster. Well…because I want you to look to Screencast Studios first when you need to add a professional touch to your videos and presentations. However, it takes more than software to convert a rough message into visuals that are easy to understand and interesting to look at.
14 different diagrams categories :- Ideas & Relationships (~90 diagrams)- Tables & Matrixes (~20)- Step boxes & Diagrams (~20)- Boxes & Influences (~80)- Countries and continents maps (~30)- Flowcharts & Processes (~60)- Segments & Circles (~20)- Organization Charts (~15)- Time tables & Gantt charts (~10)- Pyramids & Stacks (~20)- Tables of Content (~15)- Paths & Curves (~30)- Calendar (~30)- Puzzles & Others (~50) They are easy to use and compatible with every version of PowerPoint.

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