Note: Your credit card account statement will show payment to PAYPAL*PRESENTN.Issue or question? We are here to assist you with all your Business PowerPoint-related requirements - right from design of PowerPoint Master Templates to slide production and enhancement of existing slides. Provide us a hand-written layout of what all you need on the slides, scan and email them over to us and forget about the rest.
Give us the link to your website along with images if any, and we will come up with the PowerPoint master template and guidelines which could be easily comprehended by all the employees in your organization. Want all your PowerPoint slides produced by the employees in your organization to have a uniform look in terms of color, conceptual elements and shapes used? We convert your slides in any old or different template to your own template as per the guidelines and color scheme. If you have PowerPoint slides that need to be formatted or visually enhanced as per your corporate branding guidelines and graphics preferences, our slide ehancement services are best suited for you.
We create logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners, website graphics, printing & media graphics, and various other designs for your business that create a strong impression on human mind about the company and makes you reach.
It could also be used for a presentation to show the bubble bursting on a financial crisis.
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You can browse all of our PowerPoint templates or select them by category or colour or by tag. Hi Jeff, either upload a logo as an image preferably a png and place that over the current log, or on the template, choose view > master > slidemaster ortemplate master and edit the logo text.
Excatly what I was looking for- professional but a little fun, and without taking away from the point.

Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds Free PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and more inspirational free stuff to build stunning presentations. If you are looking for free business PowerPoint templates and PPT backgrounds for your corporate presentations then this free business team presentation design can help you to make affordable and effective business presentations.
You can download this free PPT template for business presentations on teamwork, sales force management systems or alternatively you can download free executive PowerPoint templates.
We may send you updates periodically (once or twice per month) about new content posted in our website. When I toug that internet was full of crap… Sites and content like this make a great difference. Using it for a graduate level business presentation on the consumer discretionary retail industry.
I plan to use the template for a presentation assignment in my business class about the marketing mix. We have a thoroughly trained, highly experienced and scalable team that can provide complete solutions to your PowerPoint-related requirements.
We will take care of producing your slides on your template as per your corporate guidelines. Having a uniform look and feel for all the presentations created in your organization will help you stay aligned to your branding guidelines and will have a positive impact on the audience. This service is of great use if your firm has undergone a brand refresh and all logos, color schemes and formats need to be updated on your existing documents and presentations.
We create custom softwares, websites and Mobile applications along with Graphic Solution for Brand Management. It’s fun but doesn’t take away from the content- I just used it and it was a huge hit!

Would you guys ever allow anyone to pay to use the template or even just the background design? Apply Impressive PowerPoint … powerpoint themes find free presentation themes for your project. You can download free business team PowerPoint template to prepare awesome presentations on team work as well as a sales force presentations or work force slide design or accomplishment PowerPoint presentations for your business. For customers in the US, this is a major advantage, as we work when it is night hours in the US. The employees in your organization can also avail our PowerPoint slide design services as and when they need. The style guide will have a number of pre-designed slides with frequently used shapes and conceptual elements. Template conversion service is also useful when the slides from other firms need to be integrated within your presentation.
This is quite good already with the white background, but it would be great to be able to make the bubbles lighter in color or smaller.
The slides are reusable and hence, will considerably reduce the time taken to produce DIY slides by the employees in you organization, thereby giving them more time to concentrate on their core competency.

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