Clear and concise content, dynamic yet clean visuals, and powerful presentation coaching play role in success. Clutter-reducing techniques and presentation strategies to create a "cleaner" look with greater effectiveness.
High-impact stock graphics based on the presentation's content to improve the presentation's impact.
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Most presentations are prepared using powerpoint, which displays information in a concise layout using bullet points. Powerpoint is a very popular tool for creating presentations as both text and graphical content can be generated easily and rapidly in this software. I love PowerPoint because it’s generally easy for anyone to create something for a presentation, and with a little bit of work, create something quite useful. Here are five tips to help attorneys use PowerPoint better and create engaging presentations—and avoid death by the bullet point. Other cases don’t lend themselves as well to photographs, maps, incident re-creations and the like and are therefore a bit more challenging to show visually.
If you are using a PC, I highly recommend that you upgrade to PowerPoint 2010 for a number of reasons.
With earlier versions, if you made a PowerPoint with an audio file in one slide and a video in another, it might play perfectly on your office desktop—but when you put your presentation on a USB drive to take to trial for opening statement, you might find that neither the audio nor the video will play.
Unfortunately, PowerPoint for Mac 2008 does not allow embeds, which is another reason to use Keynote if you use a Mac. 2010 also has a very nice feature that allows you to compress multimedia to only that size necessary for the presentation.
Right up there with the nightmare of having no audio or video at trial is the somewhat lesser nightmare of seeing your carefully laid-out headings and fonts show up on screen completely different than you designed them, mis-sized and running out of their carefully made boxes. As to the choice of font, try something other than the default Gill Sans, which everyone recognizes as the default font for PowerPoint. There’s no reason to have a complicated template background that generally detracts from the presentation. Consider using a darker grey against a white background, or a very light grey over a very dark grey background. When you break out of the bullet-point templates and follow these tips, your PowerPoint will help tell the story of your case, simplify complex information and hold the attention of the audience. This blog shares real-world advice about trial graphics, case presentations, legal tech and litigation strategy. Michael Kelleher, a registered patent attorney and consultant to Cogent Legal, was formerly a litigation partner at the San Francisco firm of Folger Levin & Kahn where he litigated IP and other complex business cases for 16 years. Powerpoint Design London Whether you are onto personal branding or corporate branding today, good presentation skills are imperative to achieve your objectives. Are you apprehensive about making presentations because you do not know how to design an impressive presentation?
PowerPoint Presentation Design offers very striking presentation design services in and around Cumbernauld region. If you are in search of affordable PowerPoint Presentation design services in Livingston, look no further, we are here to take care of all your presentation design needs in the most dependable way possible. PowerPoint Presentation Design is one of the leading presentation design company that serves East Kilbride and the surrounding areas.
Creating a striking PowerPoint presentation is always a tough battle even for the one that is highly experienced.

Impressive presentations that mesmerise the audience need not be the thing of those chosen few any longer. Also, various animation effects and visual aids are used to make the presentation interesting. The various features in powerpoint slide shows along with the powerpoint presentation tips aid in making a high quality presentation. Studies have shown that people retain only about 10 percent of what they hear after a couple of days, and 35 percent of what they read. Personal injury or wrongful death cases, for example, are prime for showing images to create a narrative of the case.
Often these are the types of cases that are complex and heavy with data, and therefore even more important to show visually, since the attention span of the jury or any other audience will really be tested. While I complained above about the drawing tools of PowerPoint, they at least allow you to create simple images and shapes, such as arrows. The downside is that you cannot edit anything on the slide itself; you must make the change in the other program, export it again as a JPEG, and put the new slide into the PowerPoint. That’s because prior to 2010, PowerPoint would only link to an audio or video file as a default. On a test case, my office took a PowerPoint that clocked in over 1 gig and it reduced it to 350 mb without any loss of quality. This will embed the font into the file so it will open using your computer’s identical fonts and not cause size changes in the presentation computer. It’s generally best to stick with a sans serif font for PowerPoint so you can read it better on a screen.
You may read advice elsewhere that you should choose a background that contrasts with the text for enhanced visibility (such as black and white, or blue and yellow). You’ll notice that even a small amount of shading looks better than pure black and white. Anyone can make a PowerPoint on their own, but if you find you need assistance to create a compelling multimedia PowerPoint for litigation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We blog to help attorneys make their case and manage their practice in the most effective and least stressful way possible. Smith, president and founder of Cogent Legal, is an attorney who litigated complex, high-value cases for almost two decades.
You will be able to make an impressive only when you are confident about your presentation. Not to worry, our experts are here to take care of all your PowerPoint presentation design Lanarkshire requirements. We are the most dependable PowerPoint presentation design Cumbernauld company that you can consider for all your presentation design requirements. We are a well-established company in the UK that focuses on offering end-to-end PowerPoint presentation design services in Livingston. If you want to get the best PowerPoint presentation designed, contact us and we will produce stunning designs that exactly meet your specifications. Design and the content are two important factors that make a presentation powerful and effective, getting these two factors in place involves a lot of time and effort. You do not really have to if you could create professional standard designs for your presentations.
If you have been envying people that are capable of delivering stunning presentations do not worry you too can do that! However, when visual aids are shown in conjunction with an oral presentation, then the retention rate of information increases to over 65 percent.

You can show photographs of the incident scene, photos of the hospital where the plaintiff was taken, family photos before the incident and so forth.
If you saved the PowerPoint file and moved it to another computer, the video and audio would remain back on your desktop, and PowerPoint could not find the files. Because PowerPoint used fonts from its host computer, which are often slightly different from computer to computer depending on who makes the PC.
While you definitely get contrast with such a combination, it is often the visual equivalent to someone shouting at you. We will help you create outstanding presentations using PowerPoint one of the most powerful presentation software. Making a presentation need not be a nightmare any longer because we take care of the most challenging aspect of making your presentation, which is the design part. We are here to provide you with the outstanding designs that you can proudly use for your presentation needs. If do not have the skills or the time to do it then it is imperative that you hire PowerPoint Presentation Design to take care of your design requirements. For busy attorneys on deadline who need to present their case at mediation or in court, this ease of use is key.
You can also create detailed diagrams or an animation of how the incident occurred or what could have been done differently. For example, instead of submitting a stack of Excel spreadsheets as evidence to show economic loss or damages, export that data into a graph with simple icons.
Or, by making simple text boxes and drawing lines between them, you can create an organizational chart to show who the players in the case are and the relationship of the parties to one other. Being able to embed the files so they become part of the PowerPoint file itself solves this problem. Often people run into starting trouble, they find themselves in a clueless situation not knowing where to start searching frantically for PowerPoint presentation tips all over the web.
We are one of the most experienced PowerPoint presentation design Edinburgh companies that you could trust. Tools like bullets, arrows, widgets, and callouts should be used to direct reader attention towards the text. Graphics like images, tables, charts, and diagrams help to exhibit information in an easy to remember format and showcase data systematically highlighting all the prime facts and figures. Numerical data can be displayed using various tables and diagrams like line, bar, pie, etc. Also, there is space for reference notes at the bottom of each slide to support the information displayed in a terse format. Other great powerpoint presentation ideas are screen shots, images downloaded from the internet, music playing in the background, sound effects, etc.Powerpoint Presentation SlidePowerpoint is a powerful tool for presentations and after data has been displayed on the slides various animation effects can be given to it. The images and text on a powerpoint presentation slide seldom remain static as the numerous animation effects like sparkle, grow, shrink, fly in, etc., are used to make them dynamic. There are also slide transition effects like fade-ins, fade-outs, wipes, blinds that come into effect when progressing from one slide to the next. However, do not use too many animation effects as they can be distracting and often take attention away from the subject matter that is the focus of the presentation.

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