In the days, weeks, and months after my husband, Chaz, died, I would spend my lonely evenings browsing Pinterest. Despite the pain the phrases caused, they also brought a slight (very slight) sense of comfort. On the other hand, there were also some quotes and poems that just really got on my nerves. I understand that this was written in attempt to be comforting, but as I’m sure you can tell, I found it to be the exact opposite. So if you are ever trying to comfort someone through a loss, I’d strongly suggest that you refrain from telling them not to cry or not to be sad.
You might not be able to relate, and you won’t completely understand, but you can still support. Recently a friend had 2 relatives pass away very suddenly and I looked through the card section to find a suitable card. Sometimes we findA areas of glaring failure or areas where we know the Lord expected more of us. But in order for us toA see the truth about our lives the way God sees it, He requires us to lay down our pride and be honestA with ourselves. Oddly enough, I would actually expect that he would be crying or feel an excessive amount of sadness and loss. I had a few friends send me humorous cards, completely unrelated to sympathy, and I appreciated those. ComparedA to them, we may have done well, but the real issue is how we a€?measure upa€? to the goals the LordA gave us.

Then we turn our eyes to the present a€” and we begin to make the necessary corrections in order to start doing better!A When Paul was imprisoned in Rome, he had a lot of time to think, so he sat in that prison and reflected on his life and achievements. Ia€™m sure that, like all of us, Paul was tempted to look at his life in comparison to others. Ia€™ve done more than anyone else I know!A But rather than revel in his own accomplishments, Paul used that time in prison to truthfully assess his life.
You dona€™t have to guess anymore about your situation, because a€?theA numbersa€? tell the real story.A Why did Paul use this word as he wrote verse 13?
Rather than a€?guessa€? about how well he had done, Paul carefully reviewed the originalA goals God had given him.
It is almost as if Paul had written Goda€™s plan for his life on one sideA of the page and what he had actually accomplished on the other side of the page. But Paul knew it wasna€™t time for him to leave yet because he still had so much work to do. This is why Paul went on to say, a€?a€¦but this one thing I do, forgetting thethings which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are beforea€? (Philippians 3:13).
But I want you to stop and think about what Paul was choosing to forget and put behind him!A Some say Paul was forgetting his past life of sin, but he had put that behind him long ago. Because stopping atA past victories is what keeps most people from moving into futureA victories. They become so fixated on what they have done that they lose sight of what they need to do a€” and that keeps them from moving forward to possess new territory in Goda€™s plan for their lives!A Think of it like this: Many big corporations lost the cutting edge they once held because they spent most of their energy gloating about how big and how good they were.
While they were gloating, some smaller company with dedicated people and a huge vision snuck up from behind and surpassed that larger corporation!

Before the larger company knew what was happening, they had lost the leading edge they once held and were no longer the leader.
They had spent so much time focusing on the past that someone else passed them by!A Paul knew he had done more than most men, and it was all right for him to cherish those memories.
But dwelling on his past accomplishments wasna€™t going to get him out of jail or back in the swing of what he needed to be doing.
But todayA I am turning my eyes to the future because I know You have so much for me to do.
I dona€™tA want to miss anything You have designed for me, so I am choosing to turn my attention toA the vision and to run my race with all my might! God hasA called me and anointed me; therefore, I can do exactly what He has asked me to do. I haveA no excuse for failure or any reason to slow down or quit, for Goda€™s Spirit in me is ready toA empower me to run this race all the way to the finish.
How long has it been since you assessed your situation to determine the progress you are making in your life, church, or business?
How frequently do you take time to review your situation so you can gauge your progress?A 2. Are you stuck in a rut, or are you still moving forward with the same speed and the same passion that once possessed you?

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