3 Stakeholder Impact Analysis Identify the stakeholders most critical to survival Identify stakeholders.
9 Poor Performance Poor management – each factor in list (next slides) by itself is not sufficient to bring a company down. 36 Thinking Through Ethical Problems Does my decision fall within the accepted values or standards that typically apply in the organizational environment? 37 Thinking Through Ethical Problems Would the people with whom I have a significant personal relationship approve of the decision?
Corporate Social Responsibility Introduction to CSR What is Corporate Social Responsibility Definition Voluntary character Sustainable Development Profit Long Term Business Strategy Stakeholders Mapping and Engagement Why?
Overview of CSR in Kenya Presented at 1 st Workshop of the SUSBIZ Kenya Programme By Ufadhili Trust. Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia: An Introduction to Sustainable Consumption Richard Welford CSR Asia.

The B4D Pathfinder focuses on ‘inclusive business’ – championing it as an opportunity to create wealth and contribute to overcoming poverty in the SADC. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Appeal to Enlightened Self-Interest CLARG Seminar 24 May 2007 Peter Seidel Partner, Public Interest Law Arnold Bloch. UNGC Module 3 – Session 2 1 THE UN GLOBAL COMPACT MODULE 3 THE ENVIRONMENTAL PRINCIPLES Session 2: Principle 8.
Strategic use of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability Paper Presentation by Ms Meghana Patil and Dr Mahalaxmi Krishnan. Public Relations Institute of Australia Research Colloquium 17 November 2013 Adelaide Australia Dr Kim Johnston School of Advertising, Marketing & Public. Research study Readiness of the Region’s private and public sectors for the EU CSR policy framework Nikica Kusinikova, Macedonia. Professor Nancy Papalexandris Lecture 1 Human Resource Management Practices Strategic Role of Human Resource Management 1- 22.

Explain the ethical situation in this case from the point of view of the Board of Directors.
Workplace Community Environment Marketplace BusinessEthics Corporate Social Responsibility. Contents Outline Of CSR Concept Of CSR CSR Best Practices Waveriders CSR Policy CSR & Organizational Vision Waveriders.
Policy Governing Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities from Suppliers No employee should accept any favours In countries. Apply a model you are comfortable with and describe the ethical decision(s) or challenge(s).

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