Business Model Canvas Template for PowerPoint is a free lean PowerPoint presentation template that you can use for Lean Startup methodologies or lean businesses. Download free lean canvas business model template to make awesome business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 and you can also publish the slides online. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

En.It is able to offer turn-key solutions thanks to its proven experience in all aspects of the value chain, and due to its business model that is not based on incentives. This free PowerPoint presentation slide can be used to empower your lean business presentations with a nice business canvas diagram for Startups.
You can purchase the business PowerPoint pack if you need a complete set of diagrams and charts for your business presentations.
We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.

All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners. The slide design is pretty nice and friendly, including like a post-it notes on every lean canvas business box.

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