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This Presentations Skills course is designed to help you deliver your presentations with confidence and the right techniques. Create a more impressive presentation using some of the more advanced features of PowerPoint. The Effective Communication Skills Training Course is a one day course which provides managers and team leaders with a range of skills to help them communicate effectively. Martin Woodfield's SEO training course at M-Training is a fantastic insightful opportunity for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of Search Engines and how to attract certain target audiences. Lovely to meet you on Friday and thanks for a really informative day training on Google Analytics.
For someone like me, with a website and a desire to make it work harder for the business, the course was just what I needed.
A great course [Effective Time Management] with tangible steps to improve and encourage the candidate to evaluate themselves and be honest. Our trainer was excellent and was able to discuss issues outside the course content effectively which really demonstrated a deep level of knowledge and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the SEO course I took last week and I am confident that I now have the understanding and basic principles search engine optimisation and google. Just wanted to say thanks for last week, it [private email marketing course] was really helpful and it helped me focus more on what I needed in order for both myself and my business to move forward. An excellent course [Presentation Skills], which introduced a whole new side of presenting to me.
Martin Woodfield’s 2 day Digital Marketing course was extremely insightful and the course content was very interesting and completely relevant. Thanks for all the info yesterday it was a very good course and we both feel we have learnt a great deal from you. As a company we now can focus on the segments we were going wrong on social media and the course has been a huge help.
The course provided a lot of information which was un-known to our company in regards to the use of social media.
I feel more confident in using Twitter in particular now, as I had only really dabbled in the past. We have now put together a plan of what content we wish to post from our team and also a plan of when to post it. Having had very limited experience using Google Analytics, the course guided by Martin presented both a fantastic resource and unquestionable tuition, enabling our company to now gather and interpret a range of data allowing us to understand consumer behaviour and make strategic decisions as a result. Myself and my colleagues attended your PowerPoint 2010 training course on Tuesday 1 March 2016. I recently attended MTraining's SEO Course and I left feeling confident that I can now go and improve upon my website. Martin was a great teacher, explaining everything clearly and applying everything back to my business and making it very easy to understand. Having something explained in an interesting and engaging way for me is the first key to understanding it – and Martin certainly does this. The session is hands on and the group numbers low, so it is easy to ask questions and take the time to check that you are actually getting it! You also go offsite for lunch which gives you a great break and you had a chance to chat more about best practice for implementing it within your business. Thank you so much for Wednesday – I found the course absolutely fascinating and it is already impacting how I write for web.
We have gained a much more detailed knowledge of Google Analytics and how it can be used strategically within the business.
I recently attended a 2 Day, M Training, Digital Marketing course in Manchester instructed by Martin Woodfield and was amazed not only by how much information one man knows about this area but how good at helping me (with very little experience) understand it all and leave the course confident enough to use what I have leaned to improve our marketing.
I found that only having 5 students max on a course a real plus, as you can engage properly with Martin and the other students. I attended the Google Analytics course last week and I have to say I learnt more in one day than I did on my Analytics module as part of a degree! The course is perfectly pitched in terms of it's weighting to all the relevant topics, and the time scheduling for the day works really well.
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Tobias Eaton, more prominently known as Four, is the deuteragonist of the Divergent trilogy. Four is first seen helping Tris get out of the net after she jumps through the hole into the Dauntless compound. Four is next seen when the initiates gather at the tracks to play a Dauntless game of capture the flag. Four shows the transfers the fear landscape room, where they'll try to conquer their fears as their final test. The next day, the initiates go through Lauren's fear landscapes as preparation for the final. Tris' assumption is proven correct, as Erudite activate a tracker serum put in every Dauntless member, making them sleepwalking soldiers, that night. Tobias and Tris both enter the Amity compound, where the surviving Abnegation members and loyal Dauntless have gathered.
When Tris and other Dauntless members are ambushed by the Dauntless traitors on the rooftop of Hancock Tower, she is captured by the traitors as a Divergent. Tobias helps the other Dauntless soldiers by spying on Jack Kang, the Candor leader, and finds out Erudite is going to send a representative of Jeanine to discuss a negotiation. Dauntless members at Candor gather together to discuss Erudite's demands and their next move. That night, the Erudite activate a simulation serum, and send a message saying that the Divergent have to surrender or members will be killed every two days.
Tris' execution is moved up when Jeanine becomes frustrated at not being able to find a serum to keep her under, and decides to execute her and run the experiments with Tobias instead. The three escape to the Abnegation sector, where both Dauntless and factionless have come together. Tobias has been avoiding Tris since the reveal of the video because he's trying to stay in his mother's confidence.
Tris later is ambushed by people who say they belong to the Allegiant, and want her help to go outside the city limits. Tobias comes with Tris when she is asked to get a genetic test done by Matthew, a Bureau scientist. On the day of the attack, Tobias goes to the control room to shut off the security system while Nita breaks into the main vault where the Bureau holds the serum. Tobias spends time in the control room, watching inside Chicago on the screens, and his parents in order to forget the fact that he hurt Uriah and Tris. Tris eventually reconciles with Tobias, and the two stay together to fight against the Bureau.
On the day of the reset, Amar drives Tobias, Christina, Peter, and others inside the city to get Zeke and Hana. When they reach the compound, Cara comes and out and informs them about Tris' death because she went in place of Caleb, and released the memory serum before being shot and killed by David. Two and a half years later, Tobias is now working as an assistant to Johanna, who is the city's representative in the government. As their relationship deepens, Tobias becomes unwilling to let Tris go into battle, not just because he's not willing to lose her but also, because he feels as if Tris risks her life recklessly, not caring about dying. Four's fears are heights, confinement (claustrophobia), killing innocent people (symbolized in his fear landscape as having to shoot a woman) and being beaten up by Marcus (his father). When Tris tells Tobias that he may not be in her fear landscape anymore, he says that everybody could call her Six, referring to her then only having six fears, to which Tris replies, "Four and Six".
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I’ll be in touch in a month or so to set up another day in September but I’m already working on the Google Analytics – fascinating. With the new skills that Martin has taught me I able to make positive changes to my website and progress my online business. Having known very little going into the course, I am now confident in the use of the basics of Google Analytics thanks to the practical workshop linked directly to my organisation. It could be quite an overwhelming subject but Martin managed to keep the content concise and relevant.
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I would highly recommend the course to people looking to develop their digital marketing strategies and for those looking to cover different areas in depth in just two days. I was surprised that there were so many more features of social media platforms that I wasn’t aware of and would benefit me in a work related setting and at home. We all enjoyed the course and found it very useful, Martin Woodfield our trainer covered everything we had discussed beforehand. For someone who has done very little with SEO before the course, he was very understanding and explained everything in great detail.
Martin had tailored the course to our needs and provided a wealth of personalised valuable industry information. I arrived knowing virtually nothing about SEO, but by the end of the day I felt ready to not only improve our own SEO, but also offer a professional SEO service to our clients. The small focus group style training was excellent as I was able to work on my own website and company analytics throughout the course.
With 50 years experience in innovating large scale organisational and workforce performance improvement solutions we have a combined strength of 250 people who are set to deliver today and into the future. His father was said to have noticed his Divergence at a young age and became observant of him since then. After all the initiates have come in, he introduces himself as the instructor to the transfers. On the train, Four and Dauntless leader Eric are the two captains under which initiates will be split up into two teams. After they start throwing, both Eric and Four notice that Tris' friend, Al, hasn't hit the target yet. She manages to defeat Molly, but almost beats her to death until Four pulls Tris away, shocked by her show of rage.

Soon after, she's attacked by Peter, Drew, and Al, when they try to throw her into the chasm. But when Tris goes in, facing Lauren's fear of being kidnapped, the fear morphs into her own, and Tris panics. He brings her to Erudite headquarters, where he shows her that their lights are on throughout the night even though it's against city rules.
After Tris goes through her test, Tobias brings her back to his room, where they start making out. Tris sees Tobias next when she gets onto the train, and is afraid she was wrong about him being Divergent, as well.
She comes to the control room, where she finds Four under simulation monitoring the other Dauntless soldiers on the screen.
Tobias reveals that he was planning to become factionless after training this group of initiates. However, soon after, the compound is attacked by the Erudite, and Tobias and Tris both run towards the trains, evading the Dauntless traitors sent by Erudite. There, the two of them are subjected to the truth serum, and Tobias' abusive past is revealed, as well as his wish to leave Dauntless to become factionless until he met Tris.
However, just as she manages to stab Eric, who captured her, Tobias bursts in with other loyal Dauntless soldiers, and manages to save her. Tris figures that they need to listen in to the conversation to find out what Erudite is going to ask for. They decide to create new leadership, and elect Tobias, Tori Wu, and Harrison as the new leaders. They get on the train, where Evelyn and Edward meet with them, and Tobias says he wants to negotiate an alliance between the Dauntless and the factionless to take down Erudite. Tris and Christina are able to save Kee and Hector, two members under simulation, but a third member, Marlene, jumps off the roof and dies.
Tris sees him while getting escorted by Peter, and he claims he turned himself in, as well. Tobias desperately tries to break out of his room so he can see Tris the day of the execution. Soon after, it is announced that the factionless and Dauntless will jointly raid the Erudite compound to stop their power quest. Eventually, he visits her in her holding cell to let her know she's going to be interrogated under truth serum, and he's convinced Evelyn to let her be questioned first so Christina and Cara, Will's sister from Erudite, don't get punished as traitors.
Tobias is there when Tris and their friends go to the meeting, and find out Johanna and Cara both head up the Allegiant. There, Tobias finds out that unlike Tris, he isn't completely Divergent, and therefore genetically damaged (GD), while Tris is genetically pure (GP). He watches Marcus meets Johanna, and propose to ally against Evelyn in order to overthrow her. Tris is offered a position on the Bureau's board of GPs, and finds out David is planning to reset the entire city and restart the experiments. Tobias is consumed by grief, and finds it hard to move around even when he goes to see Tris' body. He scatters Tris' ashes by zip-lining with his friends, getting through his fear of heights as a way to honor her memory. Tris was the first person Tobias completely trusted, which eventually led to him developing feelings for her. Tris starts to be exploited by others who realize that Tobias becomes unhinged when someone tries to hurt her. Tobias was initially very close to his mother until her "death," but when he found out she was alive, he was angry and their relationship became strained.
Having suffered abuse at the hands of his father from the time he was young, Tobias was afraid of Marcus for much of his life. Their relationship was never expressed in the Divergent trilogy, but they were shown to be close in Four: A Divergent Collection. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo!
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With a textured and edgy design and three distinct color ways, your presentation is sure to be modern, unique and memorable. Mix-and-match the additional 64 hand made graphics to fully customize your presentation and show your ideas in their best light. It was great to have a one-to-one course as it allowed me to ask questions and only cover what was relevant to me rather than going over things I already knew. The small class sizes mean that you can put the theory to your real life business scenarios.
Martin has been a real find and we will be definitely using his services again in the future. We left with a great understanding of how to apply the principles and techniques behind Analytics.
On top of the course itself Martin’s background and experience in marketing meant we were able to discuss a number of potential issues and design improvements to our website.
I came away buzzing with ideas on how we could apply this newly acquired knowledge to our business. Martin was very knowledgeable and approachable, and I found his advice to be well informed. Martin Woodfield was an excellent trainer and I will recommend this course to any of our colleagues looking for PowerPoint training in the future.
The use of keynotes with relevant images and illustrations to support your spoken words will help you involve the two main senses – listen and see. Four surprises Tris, as well as the rest of the group, by choosing her as his first team member. They're able to climb high enough to find the other team's flag, but on the way down, Tris loses her footing and is dangling in midair.
Eric tells him to go get his knife when he misses again, but Al refuses because he's afraid of being hit by a stray knife thrown by the other initiates.
Tobias shuts down the simulation, and yells at her for being "pathetic." Tris hits him, and tells him off before running away.
Tris makes the connection between the lights and the recent articles Erudite have written, slandering Abnegation city leaders.
Tris, though, pulls back and reveals to Tobias that he was in her fear landscape because she's afraid of being intimate with him, thinking he only wants her for her body.
The two of them start fighting against each other, until Tris manages to get Tobias' gun and points it at him.
However, after Tris keeps her composure while he throws the knives, Tobias realizes Eric has his eye on Tris the way he did on Amar the year before, right before Amar was found dead. On the train, they find Edward, one of Tris' fellow initiates who quit after getting his eye stabbed by Peter, inside, and realize they have found the factionless.
Afterwards, Tris reveals, while under the truth serum, that she killed Will while he was under simulation.
He later reprimands her for confronting the Erudite when she only had a pocket knife, and when she insists it was necessary, Tobias reveals that he doesn't want to lose her.
When Tobias is openly mocked in the Candor cafeteria, he gets up and heads for Marcus, also at the compound, and publicly beats him up in the cafeteria. They also decide to put Eric on trial, since he's a Dauntless member, and their responsibility.
Evelyn accepts, but after she and Edward get off, Tris reveals that she doesn't trust Evelyn, and believes she has an ulterior motive. Tobias approaches Tris at dinner the next day, telling her not to make any decisions until they've talked about it. Tobias is later brought into a room where Jeanine has Tris strapped to a table, and Tobias reveals to Tris that Jeanine wants information on the factionless safe houses.
She walks by as this occurs, and puts her hand on the window, to which he puts his hand on the other side next to hers.
Tobias tells Tris that he's requested her to be with his team, so he's not separated from her again. Johanna decides not to go, but Cara decides she'll lead the group to go outside the city and see what is there. Tris later comes to him and reveals Nita was trying to steal the death serum, not the memory serum, in order to kill the Bureau and get rid of the genetic division.
Peter comes with him, and reveals he wants to take the memory serum because he's tired of being cruel and evil, and thinks it's the only way he can be a better person. Tobias knows he will always remember Tris, and though the pain is still there, it's not as profound anymore. He often, though, kept his feelings distant from how he acted so nobody would notice how attached he was to her. Tobias eventually understands that he has someone in his life that he doesn't want to lose, and Tris dying becomes a fear for him. Evelyn, though, is desperate to make a connection with her son again, and hoping he will love her as much as she loves him. He kept his distance from his father when he had the choice and never disclosed the truth to anybody.
In Allegiant, it is revealed that the heights and confinement fear remain the same; instead of having to kill a woman, he must watch Tris die, and it is shown that instead of being beaten up by Marcus, he is afraid of turning into his father. The film will depict Tobias Eaton as an older instructor by the age of 24 instead of the original 18 in the novels. Here in this article, we are sharing with you some of the keynote templates just for your ever varied presentation needs.
You can easily customize the slide by changing colors, text, photos, add different background, select your preferred ribbon, etc. This presentation has unique simple colors (which come in 3 different variations), and 100+ graphic elements (handwritten arrows, lines and colored markers). Create convincing vintage photo albums you can share digitally with your friends, colleagues and family. This presentation is highly customizable with easiness, both in Adobe Photoshop (minimum CS4 ) and in Keynote (minimum iWork a€?09).
With this template you can quickly insert your text, images and data in just minutes youa€™ll be ready to wow your audience with your professional designed presentation. In just minutes you can insert your images, text and even videos into their placeholders to create a professional, memorable show. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding. The course content was completely relevant and I certainly learnt some tips and tricks to improve my digital campaigns. He tailored the course to suit my needs, and I will definitely be putting the things he suggested into practice.
We all feel that we all learnt a lot from the day, that will enable us to improve the way we use PointPoint in the future. Tris later notices that all the members Eric picked have bigger builds compared to Four's picks.
Natalie comments that Four looks familiar to her, though Four dismisses it, saying he doesn't care to be associated with Abnegation.
She goes to Erudite to visit her brother, Caleb, before being driven back to Dauntless compounds after getting caught.
She also figures out what Tobias has: Erudite are planning to use Dauntless to overthrow Abnegation and take over the government. Tobias insists that's not what he thinks of her, and she says he's probably not going to be in her fear landscape anymore. The two get down with the other soldiers at Abnegation, where the leaders are rounded up to be killed. Not able to shoot him, she puts the gun in his hand and he points it at her head knowing he'd be too afraid to shoot her. After arguing with Tris and leaving the arena, he realizes the depth of his feelings for her when he decides to stay to protect her. Christina is heartbroken when she hears this, while Tobias is upset he never told her this before.
Meanwhile, the Dauntless have started mocking and teasing Tobias about being abused by his father. During Eric's "trial," he asks Tris to state his crimes, and she realizes it's his way of getting to Tobias.
When Tobias finds Tris in his room later, he reveals that he knows she's lying and planning to go to Erudite. In order to achieve this, Jeanine injects Tris with a concentrated fear simulation serum, making her completely overwhelmed by terror. Tris, though, says she's still not comfortable shooting a gun, and Tobias tells her she can sit out of the raid. Soon after, Tobias takes Tris out on a date, and reveals how upset he's been despite understanding her need to lie to him. Tobias decides to go, but his friend and fellow initiate, Zeke, decides not to, but asks that Tobias look out for his brother, Uriah, when they go outside.
There, they are met by the Bureau's leader, David, as well as Zoe and George Wu, Tori's brother whose death was faked just like Amar's. She also reveals that Uriah was near the explosion Nita set off as a decoy, and, as a result, is in a coma without any hope of waking up. The two try to figure out what the Allegiant's plan is in order to steal Evelyn's stash of weapons. She realizes they could use the memory serum to reset the Bureau and change their mind sets about the genetic divide.
Tobias insists they'd be better people, but Christina thinks he should try to help them, because he could be helping the city by doing it.

Tobias still finds it hard to function when he watches as Zeke and Hana say goodbye to Uriah. He knows he can heal from his past by relying on his friends, and resolves to keep going after everything he's been through. When he reveals his feelings for her, he does his best to protect her from being singled out because of their relationship. Unfortunately, that fear becomes a reality for Tobias when Tris dies, and the loss is unbearable for him, as he faces the prospect of living life without her. Tobias eventually becomes a warrior of strength and skill when he encounters Marcus, and beats his father up publicly, humiliating Marcus. Zeke and Four were very close the moment they first met, and according to Four (Allegiant) he never revealed anything about himself to Zeke, but Zeke still became one the best friends he had while growing up. When Shauna was failing her initiate classes, Four helped her by teaching her some fighting skills, which eventually led to Shauna successfully winning her fight.
Basically, the debate over which of the two has an edge over the other, is still going on and it will not likely end anytime soon. I will also be signing up for other courses offered and I will send my team on the digital marketing course to improve their skills too. During his aptitude tests he got an Abnegation result, but chose Dauntless as his faction at the Choosing Ceremony to escape his father. Eventually, they come to the amusement park, and Four tells them to come up with a strategy before the other team picks their spot.
They come back to the group, and Tris devises a strategy to go into two groups, with half distracting the team while the other gets the flag. Eric calls Four over, and tells Al to stand in front of the target while Four throws knives at him. During the second stage of initiation, Four supervises the initiates as they go through their fear simulations while under a serum. She protects him from Marcus when he shows up in his landscape, preventing him from hitting Four with a belt as he usually did.
At one point, Eric decides to shoot Four to get rid of his competition, thinking no one will notice, but Tris stops him, shooting him in the foot. Tris overhears a conversation between Marcus and Johanna Reyes, the Amity representative, about some important information that could change everything. Tobias claims he no longer wanted to be mocked by everyone, but she realizes he wanted to be held in high regard by Dauntless in order to assist Evelyn's plan for him to "become important." When he finds out Tris is planning to join a group that is eavesdropping on Jack's meeting with the Erudite representative, he tries to stop her, arguing she's not able to carry a gun. Eventually, they sentence him to death, and he tells Tobias to execute him, hoping he will have to live with the guilt. Soon after, he participates in the attack on Erudite headquarters, and heads to the main control rooms to shut down their resources. Tris tells him how she wants to be alive for him, and they both agree to not keep secrets from each other. They find out that their city, Chicago, is an experiment in order to get rid of genetic damage believed to have been responsible for the Purity War years before. While meeting them, he finds out about Marcus' trial, and watches inside the Bureau while Evelyn gives Marcus the sentence of exile rather than execution. Meanwhile, Tobias meets with Caleb, Tris, Christina, and Matthew, a GD sympathizer, about plotting against the Bureau. Eventually, he steals a vial of memory serum, resolving to erase his memories and pain of losing Tris.
Tris often is frustrated by this because he can be considerate with her once, then completely distant the next moment. However, Evelyn's true colors are revealed when she takes over control of the city by force after the battle, and Tobias, once again, becomes distant from his mother.
However, Tobias realizes he could become as abusive as his father was to him, and is terrified at the idea. We have also included a number of free Keynote templates so therea€™s no need for you to spend to proceed with your presentation making. During his initiation training, when he went through his fear landscape, it was discovered Tobias only had four fears, with the average being between ten and fifteen. While the other members start bickering about a strategy, Four notices Tris sneak off toward the ferris wheel. Four figures out that Tris is Divergent, and though she denies it, he tells her to find a way to conceal it or she could end up dead. He's amazed afterwards by her actions, and credits her for helping him get through his fears.
Tobias comes up to congratulate her, and she kisses him, not caring what others think, but she pulls back, realizing how Erudite are going to use Dauntless, insisting she'll tell him later. She and Four run, but don't make it far because Tris is shot, and Tobias refuses to leave her. Tobias later reveals to Tris that his mother contacted him after he joined Dauntless, and when he met her, the reunion wasn't a happy one.
When she tells Tobias, though, he discounts it, saying Marcus is lying to make himself more important. Tobias tells Tris just how scared he is at the thought of losing her, asking her to stay for him. Soon after, he manages to fight off both his and Tris' guards, and runs through the hallways. Though Tobias doesn't like Caleb because he betrayed Tris to the Erudite, he breaks him out of prison and stops his execution by escaping with him to the city limits. Tobias tries to adjust to life outside the city, but is finding it hard to have any grasp on reality due to the shock of the world. Nita reveals she's planning a revolution against the Bureau, believing no genetics test can distinguish people. He later sees Johanna and Marcus break into a safe house, and steal ammunition Evelyn had locked up.
When Christina informs Tris and Tobias that Uriah is going to be taken off his ventilator, Tobias resolves to go into the city and get Zeke and Hana, their mother, so they can come and say goodbye to Uriah before the planned reset happens. Tris, meanwhile, tells Tobias she knows that Caleb has volunteered out of guilt, not out of love for her. He goes to her office, and decides to give her a choice: keep her seat as the leader, or get her son back by taking the memory serum.
Christina, though, shows up and tells him that Tris would want him to remember her, and he's not a person who takes the coward's way out. However, she understands later that he thinks she's capable of more than others believe she is, and appreciates someone who doesn't see her as small and weak. Eventually, he decides to move on, as Tris once told him to do in case something happens to her, holding onto his memories of her while going on with his life. Despite her oppressive reign, Evelyn shows that she still has a tenderness towards her son, and becomes upset by his distance from her. Eventually, in the epilogue of Allegiant Four and Shauna reconciled and became close friends again. Whether you want to make presentation for yourA classroom presentations, product announcements, seminars and trainings, etc.
As a result, his instructor, Amar, started calling him "Four." Tobias accepted it so he could escape his past.
Tris' fellow initiates, Christina and Will, both comment that Four seems like someone to stay away from. Though Christina is the one who captures the flag, Four tells Tris "well done," acknowledging her role in their win. The two are brought before Jeanine Matthews, leader of the Erudite, who decides to use Tobias to test out her new simulation serum for Divergents, and leaving Tris to die since she's wounded.
Later that night, Tris overhears a conversation between Evelyn and Tobias, where she tries to convince him to get the Dauntless to ally with factionless.
During the stakeout, Dauntless member Lynn shoots Max, Jeanine's representative, and Tris leads a group to the place she believes Jeanine is hiding.
Afterwards, Tobias jumps onto the train with the other Dauntless members to head back to headquarters.
He then pulls her into a closet, where he reveals that he came here to get intel on Erudite headquarters, so that the Dauntless and factionless could break in two weeks from then, when Tris' execution was scheduled. He then heads to Jeanine's private lab, where Tori has captured Tris after she tried to get the same information Marcus was after. Though Nita insists he keep it to himself, Tobias tells Tris in order to keep his promise to be honest with her.
Though he's released with a minimal sentence, Tobias is upset that he might have lost Tris for good. When the group meets with Matthew, they reveal that whoever tries to reset the Bureau will be on a suicide mission, because they have to get through the death serum. Evelyn decides to relinquish her power without taking the memory serum, and chooses Tobias.
Tobias realizes Christina is right, and lets her stop him from taking the memory serum, making the decision to move on. Tobias, though, feels like his mother will still listen when he tries to negotiate with her.
When Marcus leaves the city for good, Tobias decides not to find out where he's going because it's the only way Marcus will no longer influence his life.
He finished first in his initiation class, and chose to work in the intelligence sector of Dauntless, but also decided to train the initiates. Four tries to help Tris out with her combat abilities, though Tris is wary to trust him, initially.
She lets him know that she thinks Tobias has the right to shoot him, though she might do it herself. Tobias realized Tris sided with Marcus and betrayed him, but she argues that he should know her better to understand there was a purpose to her coming. The two of them find out that the Bureau was the one who gave Jeanine the attack serum that made the Dauntless attack Abnegation under simulation because the Abnegation were about to reveal the video, which would have destroyed the experiment.
Caleb volunteers, knowing that Tris and the others have no sympathy for him with his lack of care.
Evelyn proves her love for her son is her strongest need when she chooses to give up her control on the city for a chance to rebuild her relationship with Tobias. During Tris' first fight, against Peter Hayes, when Tris starts being beaten badly, she notices Four leaving the room. They jump onto the train with Peter, who helped Tris get into the control room after she shot him, and head towards Amity headquarters. Tobias is furious with Tris for her actions, and warns her that if she continues to be reckless, he's done with her. Tobias later finds the information Marcus and Tris were after, and releases it for everyone to see just as Evelyn declares the factionless now in control of government.
Nita says she's going to get the memory serum the Bureau holds to take away their power, and destroy it.
He later finds Zeke and Hana, and explains to them what happened to Uriah and his role in it.
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