You can find all the up to date listings for public speaking and presentation training courses here for the next few weeks. Many of our training centres are in city centre locations with local parking either on the premises or nearby. The training was great, the whole team seemed to enjoy it and definitely are more confident in themselves presenting in the future, thank you.
We run a regular public presentation training course schedule throughout the country, with courses in our popular training centres each month.
Financial Modeling and Valuation - Banking Sector (e-Certificate Course)-Online Video Training Material, Technical support, Verifiable certificate.
Fundamentals of Marketing Research (e-Certificate Course)-Online Video Training Material, Technical support, Verifiable certificate. Oracle SQL - Introduction to Oracle SQL (e-Certificate Course)-Online Video Training Material, Technical support, Verifiable certificate. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Course work 60% of exam grade 40 hours on task Design folder ( 20 Pages in A3 format) Practical project that has been designed by you. Theory exam 40% Theory lessons every week leading towards both evidence in design folders and the final theory examination. Knowing your stuff is not enough, managing the dynamics that appear before you, or being able to choose how you want your audience to think or feel are just some of the areas that will be explored. During the opening session we combine a look at the fundamentals of presenting, with an assessment of each person's presenting experience and presentation skills and what they would now like to achieve from the course.

Much like our tailored presentation training, each course day is structured to reflect the needs and abilities of those attending on that day. This section gives an in-depth understanding of the arenas in which presenting takes place: the physical space, body language, audience interaction, etc.
The use of the Individual’s best skills to convey a clear Message, well Prepared, with good Audience interaction, presented with Conviction and supported by the right Technical backup. Next, we review the recordings looking specifically for positive factors about the presentation, things that are working and can be relied upon and developed. Prepared presentations (this will be the non-business presentation) will be given by each in turn, assessed on the basis of the IMPACT model and worked with to begin developing the individual’s best use of the presentation medium. This presentation and all the rest of the individual’s work during the day will be videoed.
Each delegate to present the business presentation they were asked to include in their preparation. We will be working here to reinforce what is already working for each presenter and adding the ideas and concepts looked at earlier in the day. This is a simple, easy to use model that allows people to put across a powerful presentation in 30 seconds. Finally, participants have time to re-write and re-present their business presentations, looking to include anything from the two day presentation course they found particularly useful. We will spend a short time reviewing the work of the two day presentation course, reminding the participants of what was covered. Each person to identify what they know they will take from the two days that they know they will use, what support or development they need over the coming months and what they need to do to ensure they practise.

We would highly recommend that people do some kind of presentation as soon as possible to reinforce the work of the course. We will put you in touch with one of the Lead Trainers, who will be happy to discuss which of our Presentation Courses would offer the most benefit. As an alternative we can arrange a one-to-one coaching session at your offices or one of our local centres. It bought out the best in me and I have used the skills I learned in both my working and personal life. The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant. This experience is used to examine in some detail just what happens physically, psychologically and emotionally to all of us when we have to present. This point here is to re-create some of the pressure that happens to people within the presenting arena. This is to get a picture of some of the challenges that arise in certain settings and with different audiences.
Tina LambTina's life experiences have perfectly primed her to specialise in personal impact, assertiveness and networking.

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